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Natural Remedies for Bruises

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First off, avoid anticoagulants, drugs that prevent the clotting of blood, which makes blood spread faster through the damaged area resulting in a bigger bruise. A perfect example of an anticoagulant is aspirin, so do not ever reach for one if you have a bruise. If you desire for your bruise to shrink, all you have to do is elevate it. Also, if your bruise has just appeared recently, immediately cleaning the bruise helps the body fight off the bacteria.

Holding ice cubes wrapped in cloth for thirty minutes onto the bruise can reduce the swelling. As if to juxtapose, applying hot compresses instead of freezing ice cubes opens up the capillaries which increase the response of the immune system.

Proper diet and an active lifestyle lower your blood pressure, which means the chances of you getting a bruise are lessened. A majority of people say so otherwise, but it is wrong.

Aloe Vera is popular for its healing capabilities concerning sunburns, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. If no action was taken, it could take weeks for bruises to naturally disappear, but if Aloe Vera gel were to be applied, bruises would disappear faster on a percentage of 30-50. The gel seeps underneath and towards the broken blood vessels, sealing it from dirt and bacteria. Another gel you, and athletes, use to their advantage is Arnica gel, extracted from Arnica plant, also known as wolf’s bane.

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Not many people know this, but drinking shakes and eating burgers and meat should be prevented or at least be eaten less when one has a bruise. Glutton on fruits and vegetables instead!

If you are someone who easily bruises, it is recommended that you take 200 mg of vitamin C every day. Alternatively, two supplements – Pycnogenol and bilberry extract – may help. Pycnogenol strengthens the arteries and veins and improves elasticity of skin.

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