Natural Remedies for Dental Abscess

Paying a visit to your dentist is the best way to go. However, you may check these home remedies for relief and prevention.

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White Onion Remedy for Abscess
To make remedy for abscess, get some onion scale leaves and cook them in the oven until they become yellowish. When it turns yellowish, place the scales on the abscess. Secure its place. Onion is great in the maturation of the abscess.

Keep the bandage on throughout the day. Take it off at night.

Get some grated onion and turn it a paste with lard and white flower. Use the paste instead of the scales that were baked. Coltsfoot leaves placed over the paste will help put the bandage in place.

The next morning, throw the bandage. Bake another batch. Use it throughout the day. Do this daily. In 2-3 days, the abscess will be gone along with the pain.

Add some honey in a metal pot. Put at least 3 cm thick layer. Get a large nail and heat it up until it turns red. Put it in the honey. You will see that the honey will boil and form some thick mass around the nail. Afterwards, remove the nail. You may use the red honey on the gum.

Simple Plum
Get a plum and take a kernel out of it. Place one half of the plum and position it directly on the abscess. Then get a piece of polenta. Make sure it is warm. Use it to wrap the treatment instead of the bandage. Be sure to change the poultice every morning. Wash the abscess with homemade plums brandy after taking off the old poultice.

The brandy made from the first boil is bitter and strong. It is not advised to drink it. It is good for natural remedies. It works great with the disinfection of wounds and relief from rheumatic joints.

With a simple poultice and a thick layer of cold clay, apply the affected area with the clay. Do not change until after a few hours. Get some tea or cold water and soak the clay there until a fine paste is achieved. Get two pieces of gauze and apple the paste in between.

Dental abscess is one discomforting condition. Visit your dentist for a more thorough check up. Take on these home remedies for immediate relief and prevention.

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