Natural Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrheas come without warning. It makes you suddenly blame the latest burrito or whatever last food comes to your mind. It is uncomfortable to suffer from diarrhea. Below is a list of natural remedies that bring relief and help deal with diarrhea.

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Digest Fenugreek Seeds
One common remedy is to mix fenugreek seeds with water and then drink up. Never try with children.

Make Orange Peel Tea
In a pot of a pint of boiling water, add chopped orange peel. Let the water cool. Honey or sugar can be used to sweeten it.

Try Blueberries
For tummy problems in Sweden, patients are prescribed with a soup of dried berries. Anthocyanosides have antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help combat bacteria. Tannins are also effective against bacteria.

Eat Starchy Foods
Starchy foods aid in the restoration of the nutrients and bring comfort to your tummy. Root vegetables are effective on upset stomach plus the added nutrients. Cooked rice suits those who are recovering from the diarrhea.

Drink Chamomile Tea
Relief for intestinal inflammation is one reason to drink chamomile tea. Three cups a day of this tea is great for the digestive health. The tannins have great anti-diarrhea effects.

Avoid Certain Foods
Dairy products are a not advisable for people who suffer from diarrhea. Caffeine is not allowed to as it stimulates the intestines. The sugar in fruits can worsen diarrhea. And of course, stay away from greasy food.
Eat soup, rice, noodles, bananas, potatoes and carrots instead.

Get Rest
Sip some broth. Lukewarm is advised instead of hot. A heating pad on the belly is great at relieving cramps.

Eat Yogurt
Kefir or yogurts with live cultures provide protection from the bad bacteria. Lactic acids in the intestines help fight the bacteria that may have caused the diarrhea in the first place.

Stay Hydrated
Eight cups of fluids a day is required in times of diarrhea. You may also drink tea with a little sugar, flat soda pop, and Gatorade. A replacement electrolyte that can be bought over-the-counter is a great choice to keep you from losing electrolytes.

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