Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

The kidneys are vital to our health. It cast as the detoxifier and filter. When the kidneys are unable to efficiently process the toxins in the body, kidney stones are formed. This results to extreme pain.

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Here are simple remedies that help you fight and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Change in Diet
Obviously, prevention is better than cure. The quality of the food intake determines the state of a person’s health. Unhealthy food is the main reason why kidney stones are formed. Avoid soda and other energy drinks. As much as possible, refrain from alcoholic drinks and processed foods. Boost you diet with fruits and vegetables.

A tea from basil leaves is a great tonifier for kidneys. This can be consumed anytime of the day for optimum kidney health. For kidney stones, take a teaspoon of basil juice. You can add honey. Do this every day for six months. Some claim that the juice can help promote of the removal of the stones from the urinary tract.

Organic Celery
Known as effective diuretic, celery seeds and celery act as potent kidney tonics. Celery seed use regularly as spice can help prevent the formation of kidney.

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A 92 percent rate of improvement of those who suffer from recurrent kidney stones were observed by patients who took magnesium supplements. For the reduction of the stones and the prevention of its formation, a 300 mg of magnesium orotate is advised to be taken daily.

Pomegranate Juice
Among its many health benefits, the juice and the seeds of pomegranates are believed to be one of the natural remedies for kidney stones. This quality is attributed to their astringent properties and sour taste.

Two to three cups of horsetail tea is an effective remedy for the stones. The 2 gram herb capsule is also recommended to be taken daily as an alternative to tea.

Kidney Beans
The pods of kidney beans are traditionally used for medical purposes, usually, a tonic. The liquid from the boiled (boil for six hours) pods can be strained and cooled. This can be drank to ease the pain brought by kidney stones.

Other natural remedies are Dandelion Roots which can be taken twice a day up to 500 mg. Uva Ursi is also recommended to be taken at least thrice a day to get relief from the pain and deal with infection.

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