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Natural Remedies for Low Thyroid Levels

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What exactly does “low thyroid” stand for? It means that there is less than required production in the “under-active” thyroid hormones. It is a silent disease. Symptoms include nervousness and depression, weakness and fatigue, obesity, dry skin, cold hands and feet, and poor memory. Lack of attention or lack of knowledge to these initial symptoms may lead to a bigger problem. Like with each and every one of health conditions, consulting a doctors without further delay if some of the symptoms mentioned above is experienced.

Hypothyroidism is caused by wrong diet. There are a number of foods to avoid when suffering from hypothyroidism. Avoid sugar, as it is destructive to the thyroid and adrenal gland. Avoid alcohol, processed foods and foods with high amount of iron. Make it a habit to eat foods with helpful minerals or natural bacteria killers, whatever food that is in the pink. In addition, try to have a more active lifestyle; move around, exercise, and do not get stressed.

Rutabaga, turnips, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, mustard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli must also be avoided. These interrupt the messages that are sent across thyroid cells. Patients who suffer from Hypothyroidism experience a crippling fatigue which drives them to intake caffeine and sugar. This is a common mistake patients should avoid as caffeine and sugar burn out the thyroid gland. Do NOT eat foods with gluten. It is a common mistake for people to eat foods with gluten but that really worsens the condition.

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Make it a point to eat nutritious foods especially those that supply copper, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and B, iodine, and selenium. Also make sure that the body has sufficient supply of probiotics. In order to function, the thyroid gland depends on probiotics by a considerably high percentage.

Eating nuts, herbivore animals, organic foods, and eggs provide the body with more protein, which transports thyroid hormone to every single tissue.

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