Natural Remedies for Lymphoma

The lymphatic system has a variety of roles, and one of them is to defend the body against invading microorganism. Composed of the lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, thymus, spleen and bone marrow, it is not impervious to cancer. Once cancer cells invade one component of the lymphatic system, they can easily spread to other parts.

Cancer of the lymphatic system is referred to as lymphoma. Just like any other forms of cancer, there are a few known lymphoma risk factors. Some of them include age, gender, obesity, immune system deficiency, certain types of infections, and exposure to radiation as well as chemicals such as benzene and some insecticides.

Lymphoma medical treatments include biologic therapy (increasing the ability of the body to fight cancer on its own), radiation therapy, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Then there are also natural remedies for lymphoma. Some of the ones that are said to be very good at treating this type of cancer are the following:

Green Tea

Other than possessing cancer cell-fighting and immune-boosting antioxidants, green tea is also known to put a stop to glycolisis — a chemical process which supplies cancer cells their energy. With their primary energy source out of the picture, cancer cells will starve and eventually die on their own.


What’s so amazing about iodine is it’s capable of making lymphoma cancer cells destroy themselves. Unlike drugs used in chemotherapy that cannot tell apart cancer from normal cells, iodine can single out those deadly cancer cells. Foods rich in this mineral are sea vegetables, yogurt, cheese, strawberries, cranberries, navy beans and potatoes.


Used for centuries by traditional healers to treat tumors, the consumption of parsley tea and extracts are said to be effective in keeping lymphoma cancer cells from growing and spreading. Experts say that compounds in parsley are capable of shutting down the production of certain enzymes that help cancer cells to grow and spread.


Thanks to the ability of licorice to make a lymphoma sufferer gain weight, it can become easier for the body to fight off cancer cells. Licorice helps a person gain much-needed pounds as it works just like steroids. Based on some investigations, licorice may also help inhibit the growth of lymphoma cancer cells.

Vitamin D

According to experts, vitamin D destroys certain enzymes that help cancer cells to develop and spread. It’s for this reason why those who suffer from lymphoma should consume foods with vitamin D such as oily fish, beef liver, eggs and cheese. Another excellent source of cancer-fighting vitamin D is sunlight.


A type of indigestible carbohydrates, fiber helps flush out toxins. This allows the body to focus more on battling lymphoma cancer cells than neutralizing poisonous substances. Fiber also helps ward off constipation which is common among cancer patients. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are excellent sources of fiber.

Reishi Mushroom

Experts say that reishi mushroom extracts or tinctures may benefit people with lymphoma because this fungus with powerful medicinal properties is known to help boost the immune system and kill cancer cells. Twice or thrice a day, 150 to 300 mg of reishi mushroom extract or 30 to 60 drops of reishi mushroom tincture should be taken.

Milk Thistle

Because it helps in neutralizing toxins in the body, the consumption of milk thistle seed extract is said to be very beneficial for someone with lymphoma. This herb helps in increasing the body’s production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps zap toxins as well as lymphoma cancer cells.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

The consumption of uncooked fruits and vegetables is good for anyone with lymphoma. That’s because heat can destroy many types of antioxidants — powerful molecules capable of killing off cancer cells. Juicing fruits and vegetables is perfect for those who lost their appetite because of cancer.

Avoidance of Sugar

Drinks and desserts loaded with sugar should be avoided by anyone with lymphoma. It’s for the fact that sugar feeds cancer cells, helping them to develop and spread much faster. The consumption of food and drinks with artificial sweeteners is not recommendable because they are strongly linked to cancer.

Stress Management

Anyone with lymphoma or any other form of cancer should deal with stress. Doing so will help strengthen the immune system, something which enables the body to fight off cancer cells on its own. Doing yoga and various meditative exercises and activities is great. Avoiding stressors and having sufficient rest and sleep are also recommendable.

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