Natural Remedies for Stiff Neck

Are your neck muscles painful and hard to move? Does your neck ache when turning in a direction? You have a stiff neck. Sleeping while your head is uncomfortably or wrongly positioned usually causes stiff neck. Or, perhaps you have your head turned for too long and the muscles got tired and strained themselves.

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Herbs can help loosen that stiff neck so you could continue your daily life normally. Have you ever heard of an herb called “St. John’s wort”? Some people use its flowers and leaves for medicine, usually to cure depression. Surprisingly, St. John’s wort can also be used for stiff necks. All you have to do is cook the herbs and press them on your muscle, like it were a warm compress. Alternatively, valerian root or vervain tea can also be used.

Usually, people are too lazy to search for those herbs. There are other methods to keep the muscles warm; for example, bathing with oils such as rosemary, juniper, lavender, pine or nutmeg. In addition, having your neck stationary would not help so try moving around.

Is it the winter season? Or maybe you live somewhere with a regular cold temperature? You can let go of the muscle contraction by sipping warm cinnamon and turmeric. This is especially recommended for those who just recovered from a neck injury.

You should have noticed by now that the objective of the methods mentioned above is to warm the muscles. Humidity helps to relax the muscles and bring in fresh healing blood. However, too much of anything is bad. High levels of humidity are bad for the muscles; therefore you can balance the temperature by using ice packs. Kindly use logical reasoning! A mistake could give you more pain or a bigger problem.

Do you find juice recipes for a blender tasty? Instead of the usual blended lemon or orange juice, try celery instead. It is a great way to repair nerve damage.

Apple cider vinegar is an important “little something” to keep. It has numerous antibacterial properties and massive healing capabilities. However, it is useless for stiff necks. Speaking of keeping something handy that can cure a wide variety of pains, you should also keep Arnica. The Arnica cream acts as a pain reliever for stiff necks.

Here’s hoping that you have found the methods mentioned above as valuable and of use to you.

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