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Natural Remedies to Whiten Yellow Nails

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The discoloration of the fingernails can be triggered by various medical conditions. Smokers are more prone to yellow fingernails, so do people who use nail polish regularly.

Yellow fingernails can be treated with the following home remedies:

Base Polish
The most common factor that causes the nails to turn yellow is the nail polish. A clear base polish will add a layer of protection for the nails from the chemicals in the nail polish. This will result to a better looking, more vibrant, healthy nails.

Whitening Pencils
Pencils that are used in making the fingernail tips white is now available on most beauty product sections and even pharmacy. These pencils are affordable and easy to use. This is the simples and so far, the easiest method of fingernail whitening.

Light Buffing
Use buffing materials of great quality. This is available in most fingernail section in department stores and pharmacies. To deal with light discoloration, the nails can be buffed to improve its health. Buffing results to nail growth increase and when done poorly, it may produce weaker nails.

Lemon Essential Oil and Lemon
Lemon essential oils are good at keeping the moisture on the nails and cuticles. Soak the tips of your finger for several minutes. Repeat as much as needed to whiten the nails.

You may also slice a lemon and have its juice squeezed into a bowl. Soak the fingertips in the bowl for a couple of minutes. Do this repeatedly as many times as needed. Rinse your hands afterwards.

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Denture Tablets
They are not only effective in whitening and brightening the dentures, these tables can be used to whiten the nails. For several minutes, soak the fingernails in water with dissolved denture tablets.
Follow these tips to whiten the yellow fingernails. These are simple home remedies known to effectively treat the discoloration of the nails.

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