Natural Remedy for Measles

Measles is a highly contagious disease very common in childhood. Symptoms include feverishness, persistent coughs and full-body rashes. It is a disease that has to be taken seriously for the reason that it leads to further health complications within the respiratory system, and possibly lead to something even more serious outcomes, including death. Vaccines should be administered right away upon confirmation that one indeed has measles.Quite a large number of people fail to afford the expensive cost of vaccines and boosters. Newly born babies have antibodies, which immunize them passively, however, these antibodies generally passed by their mothers does not last beyond six months. This article was written to educate its readers that there are natural treatments for measles.

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• Fresh orange, tangerine, pineapple and lemon juice are rich in vitamins and nutrition which makes these great treatment for measles. These are particularly helpful for children infected by measles, who experience a lack of appetite, especially the pleasant taste of orange.
• Mixing honey with warm water is effective for treating coughs.
Shutting off the light avoids harmful effects upon weakened external eye tissues.
• Drink plenty of mineral water.
• Attaching onion via medical tape on the feet relieves fever. Believe it or not.
• Sip mustard, mint, and saffron teas.
• When the body sweats, it loses essential minerals that helps a person recover from the illness. Sea salt can replenish the lost minerals. Keep in mind that normal table salt is not an alternative.
• Drink coconut milk. The nutrients help lessen the small red dots scattered all over the body.
Barley water for coughs and a barley bath against irritated skin.
• For a few days, eat only fruits, and nothing more.
• Avoid fatty foods, oily foods, and coffee during and after the infection.
Spicy foods have high sodium content which reacts negatively towards measles. Avoid these.
• If the all-fruit diet mentioned above becomes irritating, eating eggs, milk pudding, bread, and butter can be an alternative.
• Avoid sweet and salty snacks. They are difficult to digest.
• Avoid products with harsh chemicals.

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