Natural Remedy of Cherry Juice for Gout

Gout is a metabolic disease that causes painful inflammation of the joints especially in the toes. It is usually an excessive amount of uric acid in the blood stream.

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If you are suffering from gout and tired of finding an easy and effective solution for it, here is one of the natural remedy to cure your problem. Would take time for you to see the result but it is all worth the wait.

The benefits of eating cherry or drinking tart cherry juice helps you heal gout. Consume 12-20 cherries everyday, more if possible. Cherries have natural antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. It will help your body to neutralize as much uric acid as possible bringing down the severity of the attack considerably. The best time to do this is when you have the first symptoms of a gout attack.

You also need to keep hydrated. drink at least 12 x 80z glasses of water throughout the day, every day, it helps you to flush out any toxins and excess uric acid from your body.

Here’s an easy step on how to make tart cherry juice.


– 1lb ( 16 ounces) of fresh cherries

– 2 tbs raw honey

– 1/2 pint of water

– 1 bottle of carbonated water (soda) *this is optional

– 1 tbs of lemon extract (optional)


1.) Put the clean,  seedless cherries and raw honey in a saucepan. (add desired amount of honey if you want it to be more sweeter)  let it simmer until you achieve the right consistency that you desire. Mash the cherries to get the extract.

2.) Cover the pan and leave at room temperature for 2hours.

3.) Add the 1/2 pint of water and stir until the mixtures are all incorporated. bring the contents up to boil. Maintain a light bubble the entire time, continue stirring from time to time. wait until it turns almost syrupy and reducing the water.

4.) when finished, squeeze and strain the mixture in a sterilized jar.

-Excess cherry pulp can be use as a topping on your pancakes and etc.

5.) To serve this drink, put one or two tablespoon of it into glass of water or carbonated water (soda) add the lemon extract to balance the sweetness. throw some ice and maybe some mint leaves to garnish.

Viola! Serve and Enjoy!

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