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Natural way to have Red Lips

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Red lips have been a standard of beauty. Besides the eyes, lips attract attention. Unlike the eyes, skin grows old with the skin.

Know the factors that cause damage to your lips. Avoid them at all cost. Even though red lips are highly affected by genetics, some measures can still be done. Before spending too much time and money and cosmetics, try these simple tips.

Quick Tips for Red Lips
• Massaging the lips with coconut oil reduces the lines and wrinkles on it. Do this daily.
• Lip balms that contain Vitamin C work great, too. Other ingredients to look out for are Sea butter and almond. The softness of the lips are maintained when this is used daily.
• A tablespoon of sugar mixed with olive oil, cocoa butter, or coconut oil will make a good paste to brush your lips with.
• Take care of your lips by using a moisturizer. Leave it on on daytime. A moisturizer with sunscreen is the best option.
• Licking the lips results to its being dry and pale.
• Fresh fruits and vegetables contribute to healthy lips.
• A paste from beetroot restores the redness of the lips almost instantly. Leave it on the lips for at least an hour.
• Olive oil softens the lips. Mix it with sugar or honey for optimum health.
• When lips react to certain allergens, drink a solution of egg yolk, green coconut, and honey. Drink daily.
• Drink ginger juice mixed with egg yolk. Drink for breakfast daily.

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Remedies for Preventing Dark Lips
Toothpaste on the lips before taking a bath will lighten the lips. Do this before taking a bath. Smoking is one of the most common factors that darken the lips. Avoid it at all cost. Too much lipstick is a great contributor to lips getting dark, too. Before bedtime, apply honey on the lips.

Make sure that your lips get and keep enough moisture. Keep it safe form getting cracked, chapped, and dried. Exfoliate the lips regularly.

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