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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

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One of the hit products today are creams for lighter underarms. Deodorants go to great lengths of promising better underarm protection at all cost.

However, consumers know better than trust everything that the media say. Here are some remedies and tips to keep the darkness away from your under arms.

Reduce the Use of Deodorants
Being one of the main causes of dark underarms, deodorants are advised to be used less for those who wish to have lighter colored armpits. Alum and anti-fungal powders are among the best alternatives. A natural remedy for body odor is a great choice, too. Choose deodorants that are formulated for people with sensitive skin.

Sandalwood and Rose Water
A paste of sandalwood with rose water is a great solution for the removal of dark underarms. The lightening qualities of sandalwood and also of the rose water will cool the skin down. Allow the paste to rest on the skin for a few minutes then rinse with water.

Use Lightening Masks
A homemade whitening pack can be applied to the underarms to remove the darkness of the underarm skin. Mix gram flour (a handful) with some yogurt, a small amount of turmeric powder, and lemon can be used to make a mask.

Apply Potato and Cucumber Juices
Potato is also a bleaching agent much like lemons. Thinly sliced spuds on the underarm skin is a great way to lighten the skin naturally.

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Use Waxing
Shaving creams and hair removal skins cause dark underarms. Instead of shaving, waxing might be the better option. This way, the hair will be uprooted and the result is better looking underarms.

Lemon Juice
With its strong bleaching quality, lemon is a natural dark skin antagonist. Rubbed lemon juice on the underarms before taking a bath will lighten the area overtime.

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