Natural Ways to Grow Your Eyelashes

The daily application of mascara and use of strong facial care solutions put your eyelashes in a great deal of stress. It’s not unlikely for them to dry up, break and fall out. You may have to wait for some time in order to once again enjoy long and thick eyebrows that make you look more eye-catching.

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Just like any other hair on your body, the eyelashes need to abide by a particular growth rate. Even though that pace is determined by your genes, there are certain things that may be done so that the entire process may be accelerated. Read on to know which products or items may be topically applied or consumed to obtain impressive eyelashes.

Opt for Products with Vitamins C and E

When shopping for mascara or eyelash serum, check the list of ingredients. Do not consider getting a product if it doesn’t say that it contains vitamins C and E, both of which are antioxidants. Vitamin C helps keep free radicals from damaging your lashes. On the other hand, vitamin C promotes healthier skin, something that can help speed up the eyelash growth rate.

Apply Olive Oil Directly on Your Eyelashes

Before hitting the sack, apply a small amount of olive oil on your eyelashes. Antioxidant and moisturizing properties of this healthy oil help prevent hair breakage and promote the growth of thicker lashes. While you’re at it, gently massage olive oil around the eyes to help ward off wrinkles and dark circles, making your peepers look younger and more attractive.

Use Emu Oil to Condition Those Lashes

Other than olive oil, another all-natural and effective eyelash serum around is emu oil. It conditions each and every strand, keeping breakage at bay. What’s more, emo oil helps stimulate the growth of new hair for thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Smear Petroleum Jelly for New Hair Growth

Before bedtime, daub petroleum jelly on the base of your eyelashes. This really sticky product is proven to help accelerate the growth of eyelashes. If you cannot stand sleeping with petroleum jelly on your lids, wash it off after 15 minutes.

Eat Plenty of Foods Rich in Protein

Protein is important for hair growth and strength. Including meat, chicken and milk in your diet is a great way to get all the protein you need to enjoy longer and thicker eyelashes. If you are a vegetarian or trying to shed off some excess pounds, legumes such as beans, peas and lentils are excellent sources of protein.

Consume Foods with Vitamin H (Biotin)

Vitamin H or biotin is a nutrient known to promote hair growth. It’s also something that helps in strengthening those lashes saving them from breakage. Other than taking it in supplement form, you may also consume foods that supply your body with vitamin H. They include meat, fish, eggs, peas, avocados, bananas, whole grains and dairy products.

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