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Natural Ways to Increase Height

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It is said that about 20% of your height is determined by external factors like your diet, amount of physical activity you are getting and your environment. This means that you cannot blame everything on your genes.

For many, height is an important matter. It’s quite obvious that the society is fascinated with tall people. This explains all the attention given to the likes of supermodels, basketball players and others. Before you finally decide to shell out cash for some pills that claim to give you additional inches, read on. Below you can find some natural approaches that may help you attain your full height potential.

Have a Healthy Diet

Improper diet can keep your body from developing and growing properly. In order to grow taller, mind the things that go in your mouth. Opting for nutrient-dense food supplies your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for growth, maintenance and repair. Taking supplements may help if you feel that your daily diet lacks in those important nutrients.

Stay Away From Bad Habits

The intake of alcohol and recreational drugs can keep you from reaching your maximum height potential. These things can stunt your growth as they may lead to deficiencies and problems with your vital organs. It’s also very important to avoid stress. Getting enough rest and plenty of sleep allows your body to effectively grow and repair itself.

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Exercise on a Regular Basis

Being physically active especially while you’re still young can help you attain a more impressive stature. Exercising regularly is important for bone and muscle building. It’s also something that gives the illusion that you are leaner and taller.

Engage in Yoga

Yoga is an effective stress-buster, allowing you to keep at bay something that can be detrimental to proper growth and development. Doing yoga also helps ward off those excess pounds that can make you look shorter than you really are.

Always Maintain Proper Posture

Keeping your spine straight whether you are standing or sitting can be beneficial for someone like you who wants to gain a few inches. Incorrect posture not only makes you seem shorter, but it can also keep the bones from growing further.

Drink Plenty of Water

In order to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients in food, remember to drink lots of water. Doing so hydrates the body, saving you from getting dehydrated while exercising. Drinking water also rids the body of poisonous substances.

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Eat Frequently to Accelerate the Metabolism

A fast metabolic rate is necessary for you to enjoy an impressive stature in no time. In order to ensure that your metabolic rate is always up and running, have 5 to 6 small frequent meals a day rather than the usual 3 big ones.

Get Sufficient Amounts of Sunlight

Vitamin D in sunlight is important for someone like you who wants to be taller. That’s because this nutrient is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium by the bones as they grow bigger.

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