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Natural Ways to Make Facial Hair Grow Faster

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Lumber-sexual seems to be a huge thing right now. Men with great beards and plaids are seen as a great aesthetic lately. Goodbye to well shave and clean cut and hello rugged handsome! So, how can you achieve this look? Simple, buy yourself some really great rugged clothes (mostly plaid), get a great pair of hiking boots and grow an amazing beard that would put Santa to shame. Oh, you can’t grow a beard? Well, that is a problem, but do not fret! There are natural and effective ways to help you make your facial hair grow faster!

Here is a list of things you can try to grow out your facial hair.

Wash your face daily – Grease, dirt or any kind of build-up in the face can stop facial hair from growing. Maintaining a clean face during this phase is essential to have thick and balanced facial hair growth. Wash your face daily and try to use a facial scrub one in a while to remove pore build ups. Use moisturizers, to lessen the itchiness of hair growth.

Get the Right Vitamins & Minerals – An unhealthy diet can cause lack of hair growth. Change your diet to include hair growth vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. There are a lot of popular supplements for men’s facial hair growth like Viviscal Man. You can also take a multi vitamin everyday to balance out the body. Avoid foods that are rich in free radicals like, burgers and French fries.

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Getting Enough R n R – You know the saying that hair grows faster when we are asleep than we are awake? That is somehow true. Adults need 8 to 10 hours of sleep a day. People who lack sleep can have a slower body function. Avoid doing straining activities before bedtime or caffeine. Having a peaceful and pleasant sleep can help the body function properly.

Avoid Stress – Stress is never good for the body. It can cause multiple illnesses and damage to regular body functions. When you feel stressed out, take some time for yourself and relax. Do meditation, yoga or just simply sit on the coach watching TV. Stress can inhibit hair growth and dry skin.

Oils that Take Care of Hair Roots – Hair grows from the roots and making sure that the roots are healthy and functioning is important. Rub in some products, or oils that are specifically designed for hair roots for faster and healthy facial hair growth.

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