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Natural Ways to Put a Stop to Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation (PE) takes place when a man climaxes or orgasms quicker than expected or before his partner is pleased, usually happening very early on during sexual intercourse. It’s possible for men to encounter it from time to time, especially when they are stressed, nervous or not in the pink of health. However, frequent premature ejaculation can be a big cause for concern for any man.

Luckily, such embarrassing condition can be prevented with a few simple remedies. Opting for them is perfect for someone who does not like to pop a PE medication in the mouth and go through some potential side effects. Below are a few tried-and-tested natural remedies for premature ejaculation.

Have Sex More Often

As they say, practice makes perfect. Nothing can make a man master the art of delaying ejaculation more than engaging in sex. Especially if the root cause of PE is performance anxiety, facing one’s fear on a regular basis helps in effectively banishing the problem.

Masturbate Before Having Sex

It takes a while for majority of men to be able to ejaculate again after the first one. That is why masturbating just before you go through some bedroom action with someone can keep you from ejaculating prematurely. So how many minutes before the actual intercourse you should masturbate? Do some experimenting. Masturbate and count the time it takes for you to be able to get another erection.

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Do Regular Kegels

It’s no secret that performing kegels works wonders for women. But did you know that a man may carry out these exercises too in order to attain relief from premature ejaculation? Kegels work by strengthening what you use to stop your pee mid-stream: you pubococcygeus or PC muscle. To ward off premature ejaculation, simply tighten this muscle for about 10 seconds, then release. It’s a good idea to do 3 sets of kegels daily, each one consisting of 10 repetitions.

Perform Deep Breathing

One of the reasons why you orgasm earlier than wanted is nervousness. It’s due to this why taking deep breaths while in bed can help delay your ejaculation. Deep breathing is done by inhaling through your nose, holding it in for about 3 seconds, and then exhaling through your mouth. Constant practice is necessary to make deep breathing feel like second skin to you. Take deep breaths before the action starts and while it’s happening.

Do the Squeeze Technique

Just before you are about to climax, quit doing whatever it is you are doing and squeeze the base of your penis. The one you’re with may also lend a hand. Once the urge to ejaculate has passed and your erection has somewhat reduced, go back to where you stopped. It’s a good idea to practice doing the squeeze technique on your own.

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Consume Dark Chocolate

Experts say that certain compounds in dark chocolate control the nervous system, helping to regulate uneven bursts of excitement that often lead to premature ejaculation. Dark chocolate also increases the amount of dopamine in the brain which makes you happy. Naturally, happiness can overshadow performance anxiety, allowing you to please your partner without any worries in mind.

Put on Special Condoms

These days, there are some manufacturers offering condoms with climax control feature. Such is achieved with the presence of a topical numbing agent called benzocaine. It is placed on the inside part of the condom to reduce the sensation the penis gets, thus helping the wearer to steer clear of suffering from premature ejaculation.

Apply a Desensitizing Drug

The FDA recently approved a topical solution for premature ejaculation, and it’s called Promescent. Available over the counter, it is applied a few minutes before engaging in sex so that the man may be able to manage physical sensations better. Because the drug is quickly absorbed by the skin, it won’t have a desensitizing effect on the vagina.

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