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Natural Ways to Repair Split Ends

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Constant shampooing, drying and styling can leave the hair strands dry and brittle. This leads to the occurrence of one of the worst cosmetic enemies of women: split ends. In the current market, you can come across a plethora of products claiming to help fight off split ends — shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. Other than being pricey, many of them don’t even work. Instead of flushing your money down the drain, why not try the following all-natural solutions to split ends?

Allow Your Hair to Air Dry

Blow drying may save you a lot of time, but air drying is the one that can save your mane from ending up with those nasty split ends. If you cannot part ways with your trusted blow dryer, try to set it at the lowest temperature possible. Also, refrain from placing the blow dryer very close to your hair and try to keep the drying session quick.

Refrain From Combing Wet Hair

Your hair strands are prone to breakage while they are wet. It is highly recommended to use your fingers to untangle and arrange your tresses immediately after taking a shower. You may also simply get your hands on a wide-toothed comb.

Use Olive Oil as a Deep Conditioner

Hydrating and antioxidant properties of olive oil are highly beneficial to hair that’s prone to having split ends. Olive oil helps nourish the scalp and hair follicles, as well as save them from being damaged by free radicals. The application of olive oil also hydrates and strengthens the hair strands, keeping at bay dryness and breakage. In case you find olive oil too pricey and fancy to be used as an all-natural hair conditioner, you may instead go for coconut oil or sesame oil.

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Steer Clear of Using Strong Hairstyling Products

Nothing can make your hair dry and damaged more than the harsh chemicals found in so many hairstyling products on the current market. Especially if you cannot step foot outside your home without using them first, you can expect your crowning glory to end up with split ends. Opt for hairstyling products that contain mild and 100% natural ingredients.

Regularly Apply Hair Thickeners

Naturally, split ends are less likely to happen if the hair strands are thicker. That’s why it is generally a good idea to apply hair thickeners regularly. Opt for a product without harsh ingredients, and is being offered by a reputable manufacturer.

Get Those Trouble Spots Chopped Off

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Opting for a trim is the most sensible solution if nothing else works. Worry not because your hair will soon grow back to the length of your liking. Right after getting a trim, start carrying out the all-natural anti-split ends tips discussed above.

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