Natural Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism (Continuation…)

Having a fast metabolism is a gift. It can prevent you from gaining weight and help the body to accept the nutrients and vitamins from foods better.

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Now there are natural ways to help train your metabolism. Practicing these habits and getting the right minerals can help boost your metabolism.

Here are some tips to try!

Drink Green Tea
It has been well known that green tea can help you lose weight. Tannin and antioxidants found in green tea can boost the immune system and improve metabolism. It has a lot of antioxidants that helps flush out unwanted toxins in the body, allowing better flow and digestion. Green tea is calorie and fat free. Drink green tea before and after meals to speed up digestion and metabolism. Avoid sugar filled or caffeine filled versions of this drink, opt for a regular tea bag.

Chew Your Food Well
This one really works! We are in a hurry most of the time, making eating a multi-tasking habit. We eat while driving or eat while studying. We take unconscious big bites of food and just swallowing them as is. This is a bad thing for the metabolism thought. Eating fast and not chewing enough slows down the metabolism. Big chunks of food are harder to digest and will take a long time to dissolve. Eating like this trains your metabolism to work slowly. Eating fast isn’t helpful either, it takes a few minutes for our stomach to tell our brain that we are full. If we tend to eat fast, we actually tend to eat more than we have to. Chew your food well, make it a habit to chew your food slowly and up to 8 times, then gradually increase.

Get Enough Calcium
Calcium is important for strong teeth and bones, but it can also improve metabolism. Calcium is an efficient fat burner and cancer fighter. Get your needed calcium from low fat cheeses and skim milk.

Eat More Berries
Berries are full of fat burning properties. They increase the metabolism rate and boost the immune system. Use berries as a healthy snack, add berries to yogurts and oatmeals. Berries contain healthy sugar that gives your metabolism a jolt. Eat berries for an instant energy boost. Strawberry, Acai berries, raspberry, and other berries are also known to promote a healthy digestive system.

Eat Spicy Foods
Spicy foods are known to boost the metabolism. Spicy foods change the temperature of the body and at times make us sweat. People who ate spicy food often have 8% higher metabolic rate than those who didn’t. Spicy food can also make you eat slower and less. Due to the heat we tend to not eat as fast and not as much. Add some cayenne pepper to your drinking water for an extra metabolism boost.

Avoid Processed Foods
Processed foods are harder to digest and are full of unhealthy sugar and starch. Foods that are hard to breakdown slows down the metabolism. If your metabolism slows down, we are more prone to convert food into fat rather than energy. Opt for easy to digest foods like fruits and nuts.

Eat More Vegetables
Vegetable contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Most vegetables contain a small amount of calories and is easy to digest. Vegetables also makes you feel fuller longer. It also helps boost digestive function and increase energy absorption.

Raw foods
Some raw foods can be hard to ingest, but some raw food is better than cooked ones. Sushi and vegetable are an easy example. Raw foods do not need any processing and rely on natural components. Raw food increase metabolism by helping the digestive track to work more smoothly. Avoid deep fried foods.

Follow these tips and eating habits to boost your metabolism. You will notice an instant boost of energy after trying these diet and tricks for a week.

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