New Beauty Trends to Try

Most of this season’s fashion week is now done and we have nothing but time to test out the new clothes, hair and makeup trend until the new ones come for next season. We’ve seen a lot of new beauty trends on the runway. Some of the looks in this season’s fashion week can be too Avante Garde for everyday life, there are plenty that we can pull off for special events. Below are some of the best ones and possible trending looks for the year.

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The All Natural


The barely there makeup was a whole trend makeup on its own. Though, the all-natural look has been sweeping runways around the world. These are the type of makeup that makes you look completely bare. Barely there foundation and concealer. Very little eyebrow shading and no mascara and eyeliner. This makeup trend can be tricky. You have to make people wonder if you are really wearing any makeup at all, but still look proper.

Twisted Locks


This isn’t a completely new trend. The air dried, twisted lock resembles beach waves, but appear more undone and tousled. This is a great hairstyle for that casual day outside or for partying at night. Unlike beach waves you don’t need to braid the hair. Simply twisting it section by section as it air dries can give it that tousled effect. If you want something quicker use a blow drier when twisting the sections. You can apply mousse or salt spray to make it last longer.

Bright Eyeliner


This season’s trend showed that bright and colored eyeliner can look great for everyday makeup. This trend has been around for a while but was mostly used for high fashion shoots. Many famous brands used the bright colored eyeliner as their accent makeup during this season’s runway. It is a great alternative to the bright bold eye shadow or lipsticks. Bright eyeliners that really popped on the runway was blues, reds and even greens. Try them out on your next night out in the town.

Pastel Highlights

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There has been a lot of bright hair color trends. From silver hair to bright blues and pinks. A different variation to these hair trends seen on the runway is the pastel highlights. It can vary from different color pastel to one. Unlike traditional highlights, these can be placed all over the hair with different variations. One can be chunky highlights while the others weaving highlights. This hair color is about creativity. This is a great hair style for people that don’t really want to color their whole hair, but still want that pop of color.

The 90’s Dark Lips

90 dark

If you remember the makeup trends in the 90’s you’ll see that one of the biggest must have items are dark and deep lip colors. These were lips that perfectly matched the subtle colors of the 90’s. These colors are now making its way to becoming the new lipstick shades of the season. This color is great on dark skin or light skin. Try out 90’s lips by purchasing colors such as deep mauves or Merlot.

Low Ponytail


This hairstyle is amazing, not only is it easy to do. It also looks professional and chic at the same time. A great hairstyle for the office or at work. It can be easily altered to your style. It can be flirty or professional by changing the part or curling the hair. Using deep parts can make the low pony look flirty. Curls can make it appear cute. A definite must try for this season.

Upgraded French Tip


Yes, the days where French tips are considered old news are over. Though, this is not the traditional type of French tips. This style uses a different variation such as using deeper colors to create French tips such as mauves or matte blues. These styles also make use of asymmetrical shapes to add style to your French tip. This style also uses different gems and design to make it more stylish.

These are some of the most noticeable trends these seasons. So, what do you think? Do you think these beauty trends will last and become the next beauty changing trend? Or will become a passing fad? Try them out for yourself. Share with us what you think of each look.

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