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No Time to Exercise? Try These 10 Tips to Get Active!

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All you need to adapt a healthy lifestyle is 30 minutes a day. Set aside that time and try to include the tips below in your daily routine.



Say no to cake and other sweets. Skip them as much as you can. Bid farewell to pies, too. Another important thing is to try taking a short walk after dinner.



Whether you dance in a ballroom or at a club, dancing is one good way to keep yourself active. You can dance in the living room or in the privacy of your bedroom. The location does not matter. What is important is that calories are burned while dancing. A plus factor is that it is a great hobby.


Take the Stairs

The elevator has served man well but you will serve your heart better when you take the stairs. You heart rate will rise and blood circulation is enhanced. While adjusting, you will get tired easily and you will experience shortness of breath.


Park and Walk

Cars are so convenient. They are so convenient we want them park as near to the entrance of a building as possible. Drivers take time to go around parking lots just to get that space they need. This is so stressful. Save yourself from the ill effects of stress and park as far away to the building as the best possible distance for you to walk and still be presentable for your appointment.

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Tune into Fitness during TV Time

Get out of the comforts of your couch. While watching your favorite TV show, jog, walk, or use the treadmill. Awaken the active guy (or gal) in you.


Walk and Talk

If the office work involves lots of calls, make it a habit to incorporate walking while making ans answering calls.


Join a Team

Get your friends together and create a group activity. Team sports are fun and engaging. At the same time, you have people who keep checking on you.


Mall Walk

What better way to avoid the heat of the sun than walk inside a mall. A brisk walk (while window shopping) is a comfortable way to sweat. (I know right!)


Take Your Child for a Brisk Walk

Do an explorer adventure or a scavenger hunt with your kid. Discover new neighborhoods and have a new healthy routine.

Get out the Leash and Walk your Dog

This routine is not only good for you. It is also great for your dog.

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Doing these will benefit your heart and the overall health of your body. It will help you to be sharper in thinking and improve your overall mood.


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