Nocturnal Emission: What It is and How It Can be Stopped

The involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep without the male engaging in sexual intercourse — this is the definition of nocturnal emission. A lot of people know it as “wet dreams” although some also refer to it as “nightfall”. Erotic dreams accompany nocturnal emissions, and it’s possible for you to actually wake up while ejaculating or sleep through it.

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Nocturnal emissions are very common in teenage males, although older males may have them as well. This happens when there is an accumulation of semen. Ejaculating while you are sleeping is your body’s way of getting rid of those excessive amounts of semen in you. Generally speaking, this is a harmless condition albeit an embarrassing one.

However, frequent emissions at night can also be a cause of concern. That’s because it is said to have both physical and psychological impact on the concerned individual. This is especially true if the male is already married.

While ejaculating can be a pleasurable experience, having nocturnal emissions regularly can leave you feeling fatigued. It can also decrease your sperm count, which can easily affect your fertility. It’s not unlikely for you to have untimely ejaculation, no ejaculation, or even a weak erection. Because of all these things, you may end up feeling depressed, anxious and guilty, most especially if you are a married adult.

Definitely, it’s a good idea to attempt to put a stop to nocturnal emissions if they are taking place several times a month, and most especially if they are beginning to affect you physically and emotionally. It’s a good thing that there are numerous all-natural home remedies available for nocturnal emissions. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Include Aphrodisiacs in the Diet

If the root cause of your nocturnal emissions is lack of sexual activity during the day, consider getting assistance from aphrodisiacs to bring back your libido. Some of the tried-and-tested effective aphrodisiacs include hot chilies, asparagus, avocados, bananas, pomegranates, chocolate, walnuts, salmon, oysters and red wine.

Drink a Cup of Sage Tea at Bedtime

You may have heard before that sage tea is a great insomnia buster. Did you know that it’s also something that can help you put an end to your regular bouts of nocturnal emissions? Since sage tea helps in relaxing the body and most especially the mind, you are less likely to end up having erotic dreams and ejaculating while you’re asleep.

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Consume Fenugreek Extract with Honey

This particular home remedy for nocturnal emission is especially beneficial for teenagers. That’s because fenugreek extract helps in keeping the levels of hormones normal, and this helps in warding off sexual dreams and ultimately ejaculations that take place involuntarily. This solution should be done 30 minutes prior to sleeping.

Have a Glass of Bottle Gourd Juice

A lot of males who are bugged by nocturnal emission on a regular basis swear by the effectiveness of drinking freshly-made bottle gourd juice. A glass of it should be taken just before you hit the sack to ward off nocturnal emissions. What’s more, this healthy beverage is also good for managing stress and insomnia.

Swallow a Few Cloves of Raw Garlic Daily

There are so many lists of home remedies for various health concerns that mentioned garlic. Naturally, this list of all-natural solutions for nocturnal emissions won’t be complete without stating the said herb. Reduce your chances of having an ejaculation while you are in dreamland by swallowing 2 to 3 cloves of raw garlic on a daily basis.

Eat Curd Everyday

It is said that including curd in your daily diet may help save you from the clutches of nocturnal emissions. Aside from being good for your health, curd is also something that promotes a good night’s sleep. Not a fan of curds? Snack on yogurt twice of thrice a day instead to stay as far away as possible from having an involuntary ejaculation come nighttime.

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