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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Symptoms and Treatment

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a hard mental disorder to live with. It disables sufferers from functioning properly without their compulsions or obsessions. Obsessions’ and repetitive behaviors becomes an important part of their life. Without these compulsions great deal of grief and anxiety is experienced by the patient. Panic attacks or severe anxiety episodes can occur without the compulsion.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can vary from minor to severe cases. Obsession with germs for example, some OCD sufferers need to wash their hands every time they go outside and some OCD sufferers refuse to leave their house without washing their hands a dozen times and wearing protective gloves. Without the compulsion the sufferer can have minor to severe anxiety.

Causes of OCD
OCD is caused by environmental and biological factors. Lack of certain hormones and environmental stress can all trigger OCD. Like most mental illnesses OCD requires medication to balance out lacking or excessive hormones in the body. The compulsion and obsession can be treated with therapy.

Symptoms of OCD
There are two symptoms to OCDs. Obsession and compulsion, these symptoms can go hand in hand or can stand alone.


Fear of germs
Fear of leaving the house unlocked
Excessive doubt
Fear of embarrassment
Need for symmetry
Need for perfection

Taking a shower every hour or cleaning the house obsessively
Locking and unlocking the door five times, before leaving
Making sure everything is in order, counting every movement, re-checking every hour
Not looking people in the eye, refusing prolonged social contact, refusing social gathering
Measuring, arranging and aligning things every time.
Wanting things arrange in a specific way all the time.

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Compulsion can start from fears and obsessions. Obsessive compulsive disorder can be treated with medication and therapy, but people with OCDs have a hard time determining their compulsions until it is too severe. If you notice a friend or a family member struggling with an obsession or compulsion, talk to them calmly. Tell them the possibility of OCDs and go with them when they visit a medical professional to show support.

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