Office Yoga Workout

We often sit for hours in the office, trying to accomplish as many tasks as possible. But not taking a break in between is going to be tough not just on your back but on your muscles too. You should always make it a point to go on breaks to stretch those muscles of yours. Of course, you can’t do bodyweight workouts in your cubicle as people will stare at you, but some office yoga workout can actually do the trick to get the kinks out of your muscles. Here are a few office yoga exercises that you can do to loosen up those tight muscles of yours.

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Meditating for a few minutes can help relieve your stress while clearing your mind too. In this yoga exercise, simply sit down comfortably in your chair with your feet flat on the floor, your hands on your thighs, and your back resting on the back of your chair. Close your eyes and try to do deep breathing while listening to your body. Do this for 2 minutes.

Chair cat cow stretch

Another yoga workout that you can do that won’t disturb your officemates is to do the cat cow stretch while sitting down. Sit on your chair with your spine stretched and your feet planted on the floor. As you inhale, arch your back while looking up. Push your belly forward while your shoulders are moved backwards. This is the cow pose. On exhale, make your spine rounded by bring your shoulders forward and with your gaze going downwards. Pull your belly button towards your spine to complete the cat pose. Continue alternating your movements with every inhale and exhale.


If you have your own cubicle at the office, you can do some nice stretches like this one. While you remain seated, raise your arms high as you inhale deeply with your hands touching above your head. While keeping your arms straight, lift your inner self upwards from your hips as you breathe into your belly five times. Relax and repeat.

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Chair eagle pose

This yoga pose helps loosen up your shoulders as well as your wrists. While you are still seated, cross left thigh over your right thigh with your left foot wrapped around your right calf. Bend elbows while bringing your palms forward until they are touching one another. Lift elbows as you bring your shoulders down and away from your ears. Hold this pose for three to five counts then switch position. Repeat the steps mentioned.


As the name suggests, you will be framing your face with the use of your arms and elbows. To start, place each elbow into the opposite palm. Make sure that the center palms fit right into the elbow bones. Now imagine that you are actually pulling your arms apart but you’re actually just holding them in place. You will feel your liver and your lungs opening up. Take deep breaths five times while pulling out to the sides but remaining in the center of the frame.

Chair spinal twist

Back pain can be released easily by doing some chair spinal twist. Sit sideways on your chair facing your right. Twist your torso toward the right while holding onto the back of your chair. Make sure that you lengthen your spine on each inhale then twist on each exhale. Move to the other side of your chair and repeat. This will help loosen the stiffness on your spine while opening your lungs so that you’ll have more oxygen. This can also loosen your hip joints too.

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