Surprising Uses of Olive Oil Outside the Kitchen

Not all olive oils you can find on the current market are the same. Although each one of them is undeniably better than hydrogenated oils that clog arteries and make you pack additional pounds, certain types of olive oils simply win the heart of many health-conscious consumers much better.

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Extra virgin olive oil that is cold-pressed can be regarded as the supreme of all olive oils. It’s because it comes from the first pressing of olives at room temperature, thereby allowing the resulting oil to retain much of the nutritive content and flavor of olives. If available, opting for the organic kind is certainly a wonderful idea.

Needless to say, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is excellent for making pasta sauces, dressings and others. There are also a few unusual uses of this product especially outside the kitchen. Because extra virgin olive oil that is cold-pressed doesn’t come cheap, it’s possible to opt for virgin or pure olive oil if you wish to try out some of the things found below.

Skin Moisturizer

Cold weather can make your skin dry and lifeless. Instead of using commercially available skin moisturizer that contains all sorts of harsh chemicals, grab a bottle of olive oil. Use your fingers or a cotton ball to apply a thin layer of it on your face, paying special attention to areas prone to ending up excessively rough and dry.

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Anti-Aging Solution

Olive oil contains antioxidants that fight off excess free radicals. Protecting healthy skin cells from free-radical damage helps delay the development of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Because of the moisturizing properties of olive oil, it’s even possible to improve the appearance of these unsightly cosmetic problems bugging many women.

Hair Conditioner and Polish

No matter if it’s freezing cold or humid outside, hair can go beyond your control. A great way to tame your uncooperative mane is by massaging a small amount of olive oil into it. Need intense hair moisturizing? Put on a shower cap to allow olive oil to really penetrate the hair and do its job. Shampoo your hair after 30 minutes.

Ease Snoring and Itchy Throat

A sip of olive oil before hopping onto bed can keep snoring to a minimum. Olive oil lubricates the throat, thereby reducing the odds of everybody else in the room staying wide awake all night because of your supersonic snoring. Taking a teaspoon of olive oil is also an effective home remedy for itchy throat.

Furniture Polish and Lubricant

Other than making sauces and dressings flavorful and healthy, olive oil can also make the home sparkle. Placing a few drops of it onto a damp cloth makes for an excellent furniture polish. It’s perfect for wooden shelves and cabinets, as well as chairs and stools with leather upholstering. Olive oil can also put an end to squeaky doors and hinges.

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