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Perform These Exercises to Improve the Shape of Your Nose

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Since the nose is placed right in the middle of your face, it is highly noticeable. A lot of those who are unhappy with their noses undergo the knife, altering their looks dramatically. However, if you are not completely unhappy with what your parents gave you but think that it could use slight some improvements, then there are a handful of exercises that may be performed to help improve the shape of your nose ever so subtly.

These exercises for the nose won’t give you a radical change in appearance, and it’s a good thing because you want to look like you. Below you will find a few very simple exercises for the nose which you can perform in the office, in the bus on your way home, while in front of the TV or in bed while waiting for your trip to dreamland to commence.

Side Presses

This particular exercise can help strengthen the muscles on the sides of your nose, helping to make your nose appear narrower. All you have to do is take a deep breath and hold it in. Place your index fingers on the sides of your nose, particularly in the areas close to your cheeks. Breathe out forcefully. Release your index fingers. Perform everything 10 times. Stop if you feel somewhat lightheaded!

One Side at a Time

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If the above requires you to press the both sides of your nose, this exercise requires you to press on one side each time, but completely closing the nostril. Begin by blocking your left nostril with your index finger. Take a deep breath through your right nostril. Hold it in for about 4 seconds, release your left nostril and block your right nostril. Exhale. Release and repeat by blocking your right nostril first. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Again, quit when you feel lightheaded.

Bridge Presses

Doing this exercise helps retain the strength of the cartilages and muscles in the bridge of your nose, thus keeping your nose from sagging as you get older. To perform this nose exercise, place a fingertip under the tip of your nose, right between your nostrils. Apply a gentle upward pressure, making your nose upturned. Now, contract the muscles in your nose to apply an opposing force to your index finger. Do as many as you can — and make sure no one’s looking!

Nasal Wiggles

Carrying out this exercise can help maintain the structural strength of your nose. Doing it on a regular basis can help retain and somewhat improve the current shape of your nose, saving it from drooping or widening as the years go by. All you have to do to complete this particular exercise is wiggle your nose in rapid successions. Here’s an important thing to remember: make sure that the rest of your face remains still as you do those wiggles.

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Smile Line Erasers

Known as nasolabial folds in the medical world, your smile lines can put much emphasis on your nose, drawing lots of attention towards it. By making those lines less noticeable, you don’t have to feel self-conscious all the time. Get started by taking a huge puff of air, trapping it in your mouth. Move it from side to side, up and down. Limit this exercise to once a day only as it can really tire up those cheek and lip muscles of yours!

Circular Massages

Having the muscles in your nose massaged can help bring about some subtle changes in the long run. To have this exercise performed, lie down or recline. Use your thumb and index fingers to perform small circular motions, going from the top of your nose bridge to the sides of your nose, then back again. This nose exercise is also highly recommended for those who often have a bout sinusitis or migraine.

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