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Possible Causes of Scrotal Swelling and Home Remedies for It

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Scrotal swelling is the enlargement of the scrotum in which the testicles can be found. It can be because of the accumulation of fluid, inflammation due to an infection or injury, or an anomalous growth in the scrotum like a tumor. There are instances, too, when the problem is due to an underlying medical condition, some of which will be discussed later on during this article. Some home remedies for scrotal swelling will be tackled as well.

There are cases of scrotal swelling wherein there’s no pain present. However, some cases can cause a male suffering from it to experience a great deal of pain. Certainly, there’s a noticeable enlargement of the scrotum. The inflammation of the scrotum may also take place slowly for a period of time or rapidly, depending on the cause.

Other than the enlargement of the scrotum, it is possible for a handful of other symptoms to accompany scrotal swelling. For instance, a lump may be present inside the scrotum. It is important for any male with an enlarged scrotum to consult a specialist right away especially if there’s pain experienced and/or lump detected in the scrotum.


A very common cause of testicular swelling is an injury or event referred to as testicular torsion. Simply put, this is the twisting of the testicle inside the scrotum, resulting in the interruption of blood circulation in the area. Since this can cause tissue death, immediate medical intervention is warranted. Scrotal swelling brought about by testicular torsion is said to be something very painful.

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Other usual causes of scrotal swelling include:

• Hernia. This happens when a part of the intestines or fatty tissue pushes through a weakened muscle in the abdominal area and ends up inside the scrotum. Specifically, it is referred to as inguinal hernia.

• Hydrocele. A hydrocele is a sac around the testicle that is filled with fluid. Males of all ages may develop it, but it’s more common in babies.

• Epididymitis. There’s a tube situated at the back of the testicles called epididymis. When it gets inflamed, often by a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection or STI, epididymitis develops.

• Orchitis. Orchitis is the acute inflammation of the testicles. It is an infection brought about by either bacteria or virus. The virus responsible for the development of mumps is often the culprit for orchitis.

• Mumps. This is a contagious infection that affects the parotid glands. Just like what’s mentioned earlier, the mumps virus is usually the reasoin behind orchitis, something that can cause scrotal swelling.

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• Varicocele. An abnormality in a vein found in the scrotum results in the so-called varicocele. Basically, it’s just varicous vein in the scrotal area.

• Testicular cancer. Just like what the name says, this probable cause of scrotal swelling is cancer that originates in one testicle or both.

• Congestive heart failure. This chronic condition that affects the pumping ability of the heart may cause the accumulation of fluid (edema) in the lower extremities, including the scrotum.

Treatment and Home Remedies

Since there are many different causes of scrotal swelling, the necessary treatment varies. It is important for the problem to be checked by a doctor in order to have the underlying medical condition identified.

There are also numerous home treatments that can help provide relief from the symptoms of scrotal swelling. Some of the ones that you may try if you have the condition include:

• Placing an ice pack on the testicles especially within the first 24 hours of the swelling.

• Putting on athletic supporter to help relieve pressure in the affected area.

• Having a sitz bath in order to attain relief from the swelling and discomfort, if present.

• Taking OTC analgesics to attain relief from pain.

• Avoiding activities that demand the patient to bear down or exert a lot of effort.

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