Post-Midlife Crisis: How to Start Eating Healthy Again

Having a mid-life crisis is not always a thing for middle-age people; sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is, not everyone goes through this phase. What’s true however is the fact that your body—your eating patterns, your metabolism, your diet and preferences may change when going through midlife. In fact, many people go through midlife gaining weight because of poor eating habits.

Fortunately, it doesn’t end there. If you’re dealing with midlife crisis, there are ways for you to turn things around and start eating better and healthy again.

For a whole lot of people, entering the age bracket of 40-50 years may cause a cascade of personal insecurities and negative thoughts. This is probably the time when you may feel alone, least pretty or sexy or least accomplished. Entering an old age may also signal the witnessing of the passing on of older friends and family. Or maybe there are things in your life that you want to do but never did get the chance. All of these concerns can combine to develop a sense of sadness or powerlessness; the essence of every midlife crisis that other people are going through.

Going through midlife crisis can be stressful. And when stressed, people tend to eat to forget the stress. But the thing with eating while stressed out is you tend to introduce a hefty amount of calories to your body which can contribute to weight gain and a lot of potential health problems. Yes, it may be difficult to pay attention to healthy eating habits when your entire being is subjected to stress, however, as you recover and start focusing on the positive points of your life, you will find that you are emerging from that crisis, albeit slowly.

To start eating healthy, you must first track your intake. To do this, try keeping a food diary. Your food journal will tell you if you’re eating healthy; if you’re not going overboard with fats, if you’re deficient in proteins, if you’re low in fruits and more. You’ll see your food intake records and can adjust your diet accordingly.

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