Post Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is a great time for enjoying outdoor activities. Hiking, surfing, tanning on the beach, tennis and simply hanging out with your friends outdoor. However, summer can also bring out a lot of our beauty issues such as dry hair, freckles, chafing, excessive sweating, sunburns, skin irritation, rough feet, body odor, dry makeup and so much more. No need to worry. There are easy post summer beauty tips that can solve your summer beauty woes. Read on below to find out more.

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Dry Hair Strands

The summer heat can do a number on your hair. Combined with ocean water, your hair will definitely become dry and damage. You can prevent this in the summer by making sure to wash your hair and condition every time your swimming in the beach and apply heat protectant when staying outdoors for long periods. Post summer, use treatments on your hair at least once a week and avoid styling. Make sure to use hydrating shampoos and conditioner. If your hair turned coppery or even greenish due to the summer heat and beach water, you can go to your stylist and ask them to use a toning treatment for your hair. It’s vital that you avoid any serious hair procedure such as coloring, straightening or curling after the summer. This is the time where the hair is mostly fragile.


A simple way to reduce freckles on your face and body is to regularly apply fresh lemon juice on them every day. Lemons contain natural lightening abilities that can lighten freckles. When doing this procedure, make sure to avoid direct sunlight. Heat and lemon juice is not a good combination for the skin.


One of the worst things about summer is chafing. You can reduce the irritation of chafing by using powder on the area and avoid tight clothing. After summer, try to wear soft materials and avoid scratching or poking the chafed area.

Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating after the summer is normal. You can easily reduce it by increasing the frequency of your showers and reapplication of antiperspirant. You can also reduce body odor with these methods and changing your clothes more often.

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is a big part of summer. You may experience redness, some bumps or tenderness in some areas of your body. The best way for you to treat it is to identify what it is. If you have sunburn, there are readily available products that can help treat it. If you have allergies due to the heat, you can use hydrating creams and apply sunblock. If your skin becomes tender due to the intense heat of the summer make sure to use protective clothing and products. Avoid wearing abrasive clothing and exposing the area to any strong chemical or heat. Other things from summer that can cause skin irritation is sweating, humidity, sand, dirt and strong chemicals.

Rough Feet

Summer has a way of making our feet rough. The first few weeks after the summer is the time where the heels of our feet become rough. There are different ways that you can help reduce this. You can either apply a good amount of moisturizer every few hours or use a pumice stone on the area. Reduce the calluses on your feet by soaking it in warm water and using a foot scrub to remove the excess skin.

Makeup and Skin

Your makeup will appear a lot different pre summer and post summer, even if you use the same product. This is due to the change in your skin condition. Post summer skin tends to be a lot drier. So your makeup will appear a lot drier than usual and can make your skin appear flaky. The only thing you can do is to be vigilant with your moisturizing ritual and frequently use hydrating sprays.

The summer is great, but it can be incredibly damaging to our hair and skin. Always make sure to use sunblock for your face and body and reapply every few hours. Another important thing to take care of during the summer is your eyes. UV light can be incredibly damaging to your eyes. Wear protective glasses when staying out for long periods or when driving. Summer time is the time to enjoy the outdoors, but remember to not overdo it and risk your health.

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