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Powdered Honey: Is It Good for You Like Honey?

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Every health-conscious person knows that one of the best all-natural substitutes for table sugar is honey. Did you know that honey is actually available in powdered form? If you’re not aware of it, then don’t be surprised — a lot of individuals are not familiar with powdered honey either because it’s not as readily available as regular honey.

If you’re into healthy baking or you just want to completely turn your back on table sugar, this article is for you. That’s because it will get you introduced to powdered honey.

Just like what the name suggests, powdered honey is just honey that comes in powdered form. Basically, manufacturers of it allow raw honey to become dehydrated, and then it is pulverized. Some powdered honey makers pack and sell it right away, while others add a few ingredients to it for a variety of reasons.

One of the nicest things about powdered honey is that it makes for a wonderful alternative to table sugar for your baking needs. You will be glad to know that there is no conversion that needs to be done if you choose to use powdered honey instead of table sugar. If the recipe says 1 cup of table sugar, you use 1 cup of powdered honey.

Powdered honey can be used for so many other different things than just baking. You can use it to sweeten anything that you sweeten with table sugar, from a cup of coffee or green tea to a pitcher of lemonade.

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And because powdered honey is made from honey, you are doing your body a huge favor each time you use it rather than any other artificial sweetener. Perhaps you have already heard or read about the health effects that artificial sweetener consumption brings. Well, you can spare yourself from those by going for powdered honey!

Do take note that powdered honey does not really offer all of the health benefits that raw honey is known to bring. One look and it’s easy to tell that powdered honey is no longer the honey that health nuts love. However, you’ll be glad to know that there are still some perks that powdered honey offers, scientists say.

Unfortunately, there is something about powdered honey that you need to know about before you start to hunt for a bag of it — one powdered honey is not the same as the other powdered honey.

Earlier, it was mentioned that some manufacturers of powdered honey tend to add certain ingredients to their products. Some of these ingredients keep powdered honey from clumping, while others help lengthen the shelf life.

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It’s because of the presence of some other ingredients why you have to make sure that you carefully read the packaging before you put a bag of powdered honey in your shopping cart.

Go for something that has very little or no added ingredient so that you can be certain that every spoonful or every cupful of it is nothing but pulverized honey. After all, the primary reason why you’re buying powdered honey is to steer clear of the negative health effects of table sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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