Prevent Gout Naturally with Home Remedies

First off, here are ways to prevent gouts:
1. Change your unhealthy diet to a healthy one; eat natural foods along with vegetables and fruits.
2. Avoid foods that produce acids like tea, fish, sugar, meat and its products.
3. Avoid fried and processed foods.
4. Avoid caffeine.

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Now, what are gouts? Gout is a type of arthritis causing tenderness, severe pain, and inflammation in the joints. Diet is a key player in preventing gouts because gouts are connected with a person’s diet. It is unclear what makes it so but men are more prone to have gouts than women. However, post-menopausal women have a higher risk of getting gouts.

Normally, we’d scurry to the doctors when we get an illness such as gouts but, gouts can usually be treated provided that the patient takes care of him/herself and has knowledge of home remedies, which we have covered.

Vitamin C, found in many foods such as lime for example, strengthens the joints. Drinking fresh lime juice two times a day until the gout disappears is one of the best home remedy for gouts.

Uric acid causes gout, and eating apples neutralizes it. Include an apple in your diet.

Try not to use the joint afflicted with gout. Rest much, with the joint elevated as much as possible. Applying ice packs reduces inflammation. Alternatively, you may apply hemorrhoid cream.

Drinking glasses of vegetable juice a day are an effective remedy for gout. Alternatively, drink 150ml of French beans juice. Drink it along with about twenty sour cherries or sweet cherries daily until the gout disappears. When the gout has disappeared, maintaining a consumption of 10 cherries daily keeps the gout from ever returning. If you don’t like that, drinking cherry extract is another safe way to supplement the treatment of gout. But, you may want to have a discussion with your doctor first before doing any of the methods mentioned here.

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