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Prevent These Eyeliner Blunders

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Eyeliner is created to frame the eyes, providing them the shape and making the whites appear bigger and brighter. It brings out the illusion of larger eyes and fuller lashes. Likewise, it makes wistful and sleepy eyes look fresh. When you put on eyeliner, a little blush on and lipstick, your eyes appear bright and fresh naturally. Using eyeliner pencil provides natural looking appearance. It enhances your face.

This powerful eye makeup tool is one of the trickier makeup products to apply. Too much of it and you will make a raccoon eyes. Using the wrong product can smudge, smear and create little dark undereye circles. Doing heavy black rings tend to recede and can appear tired. If you want a natural looking and defined eyes, avoid hard edges and dramatic smudges.

If you do not use this eye makeup right, you are doing harm than good. We bring together the mistakes you are commit in using eyeliner and its quick fixes.

Mistake #1: You pull on your eye while applying liner.

This is the biggest mistakes you when you apply eyeliner. Pulling on your eye while putting on your line will morph the shape of your eye. It will also cause your skin under the eye sag, causing it to premature aging. This sensitive part of the eye should be treated with care.

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Quick Fix: Position your mirror at chest level, keep your chin up and stare downwards the mirror while you put those amplifying liners in your eyes.

Mistake #2: You put line around the entire eye area.

This makes your eyes appear smaller and overwhelm the size of your eyes.

Quick fix: Put eyeliner on the outer area of the upper lash line. Avoid the lower lash entirely as this will create bigger and too wide-awake eyes.

Mistake #3: You curl your lashes after putting on liners.

This is also a no-no in basic eyeliner application. Doing this removes the product closest to the lashes. It gives a gap in your eyes.

Quick fix: Curl lash first, leave to cool before you put eyeliner.

Mistake #4: You use too dry eye pencil.

A dried out eye pencil hurts your eyes, pulls the skin and leaves skid marks.

Quick fix: Make sure that your eye pencil is creamy. If your pencil shows signs of drying up, heat it up using a lighter for a few seconds.

Mistake #5: Your pencil is not sharp enough.

Not well-sharpened eye pencil does not bring the precise application as it leads to smears and smudges.

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Quick fix: Sharpen your pencil every time you use it. A sharpened eye pencil ensures application that is more precise and it is easy to apply.

Mistake #6: You are using a dark eye pencil on your upper lush line.

Dark eye pencil like black or brown tends to make your eyes look tired.

Quick fix: Go for nude or white eye pencil to make your eyes look more natural, bigger and more awake.

Mistake #7: You apply liquid eyeliner on the lower lush line.

Liquid eyeliner is different from eyeliner pencil. Never use liquid eyeliner as if you are using eyeliner pencil. Liquid eyeliner is bold and it can create smudges when applied to lower lash line.

Quick fix: Use eyeliner pencil when you are applying it on the lower lash line to prevent smudge.

Mistake #8: You are using inappropriate eyeliners.
Do not stick to a single type of eyeliner. There are other types of eyeliners appropriate for different styles, so be wise in choosing and using them.

Quick fix: Here are the types of eyeliner and their effects when applied on the eyes. If you want a natural yet subtle look for everyday, use eyeliner pencil. This is the easiest and fastest way to achieve natural-looking eyes. Gel liners are used to create a more glamorous and dramatic look for your eyes. Liquid eyeliners are great when doing a wing or cat-eye. It brings dramatic effect, too.

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