Processed Foods and Ingredients You Need to Avoid

1. Fast Food

Even the healthiest foods have been corrupted by fast food chains. Sandwiches, salads, and even oatmeal were served in the highest concentration of sugar.

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2. Low-fat and fat-free products

Because of the fact that diet foods undergo stricter processes to eliminate fat contents, manufacturers would compensate for the lost taste by adding in more sugar. The sugar, not the fat, is the bigger evil here.

3. Imitation Foods

Vegan butter, commonly known as margarine, crab meat, processed cheese, lemonade powder, and pancake syrup are among those copy-cat foods. These foods used to be labeled as an imitation. They are then looked down upon by the consumers. The food industry somehow got rid of this law. The thing is, these foods are had undergone certain processes that drained them of the nutrition that comes from the real thing.

4. Pre-flavored packaged products

Flavored products flourish these days. From oatmeal to cream cheese, to yogurts, the consumer is offered the widest range of variations of flavor. Factories of these foods rely heavily on salt, sugar, oil, and many other unrecognized ingredients with shocking origins.

5. Refined Oils

Examples of oils that are newly introduced are mostly refined oils. These vegetable oils are highly processed, genetically modified, and were cleansed using various chemicals. Usually hydrogenated, you don’t want them in your tummy.

6. Ingredients you Would not Cook with at Home

Items with ingredients that are, most of the time, more foreign to you than what a Martian would say, should be avoided at all cost. Don’t make a purchase of any product with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

7. Refined grains

Corn meal, white flour, and white rice are examples of refined grains. The most nutritious part of grains is removed when refined. Even with the boosted shelf life, you must consider that even the best food had to rot at some point. It is always best to let nature take its course with food. Choose whole grains.

8. Artificial ingredients

Artificial dyes and artificial sweeteners are in fact artificial food. Genius right?
Synthetic materials make up these ingredients. In many countries outside the states, a label that warns consumers of this danger is required.

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