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Proper Hydration 101

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Being hydrated comes with a wide variety of health benefits. It enhances our performance in school, in work, in the field, or in the gym. Water regulates the blood sugar level, so if you were to exercise a strict ruling of replacing every other liquid you drink with water, coffee in the morning included, you would have an improved natural source of energy. Strictly avoid sodas, caffeine, or energy drinks. They do keep you hydrated but, they don’t make your body healthy as much as water does. Fresh juices are fine.

During warm weathers or during workouts and exercises, we actually consume a gallon of water per day. An example of a good arrangement is two glasses of water after you wake up, another two every meal, and a plethora of water before, during, and after working out or whatever act that would make the body sweat a lot. Always keep a water bottle with you, in your car, in your school, in your bag, everywhere.

At the same time, water also helps us lose weight. Many times when we feel hungry, we’re not really hungry, we’re just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before any meal would fill our stomach about halfway through being full. Basically it keeps us from overeating.

Dehydration makes us look older. This is because the tissues and muscles around our joints dry up. Drinking sufficient amount of water has much more than just “to keep me hydrated.”

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If you argue that energy drinks is an alternative for the energy resource water provides and its chemicals are much better than water’s, you are wrong. Sports drinks have a type of carbohydrates that contributes to body fat and elevates blood sugar levels. This does not imply that sports drinks are useless. They just need to be used more effectively and at the right time such as during triathlons wherein the participants must replace their sugar immediately. Most people don’t reach that level of exertion however.

If we are to avoid lack of water, it is also important not to overdo it. If you don’t turn off the water when a pail is already full, the water overflows. Too much water in the body would make us vomit water. What’s more serious is something called “water intoxication.” It happens when the body is overly hydrated that we intoxicate inside. Imagine the insides of your body helplessly drowning.

Don’t sweat yourself, there are alternatives for water. It can be sickening to have water for the rest of your life. Teas with antioxidant properties and natural juices, already stated above, are alternatives. It’s fine to drink other liquids once in a while, but make sure the amount of water exceeds greatly than that of other liquids.

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