Psychology Tricks You Should Know

Our mind is a complicated and powerful tool that we haven’t really harnessed yet. For most of us, the way our mind works is a circuitous pattern that leaves us surprises that we were able to think of such a thing. Others though feel that their mind is working against them because they feel that they are not in control of their situation. This is probably because they haven’t really tapped into the full potential of their mind just yet.

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If you’ve been paying attention to how your mind works, you will see that certain patterns arise. It might be the way you handle certain actions or how you approach your job and the like, but it does help to learn a few psychological tricks too that you can use on how you deal with situations or people around you. Here are some that you might want to try out.

Silence is definitely golden

Have you ever noticed that some people just give you partial answers to questions you ask? If you really want to get the whole truth out of them, be silent while maintaining eye contact. The other person will most likely spill the beans without realizing it because they are not getting any reaction from you. Parents, I think, got this down pat, as kids start to explain more in detail when their mom or dad is giving them the stare.

Pick a word

If you want to know how others see you or if they like you or not, choose a word from your conversation, and when it crops up again or anything related to it, nod and smile at them. You’ll notice that they will be using it more often when they see you paying attention to what they are saying and it is a good insight to know that they like you too.

Keep calm

There will be instances when you are in a very volatile position. This can happen at home, at work, at a parking lot, or anywhere else for that matter. When the other person is arguing with you, instead of going in all hot, try to keep yourself calm as much as possible. This is hard to do for sure, but adding fire to the flames isn’t really going to get you anywhere. Not only are you keeping the argument short but you are also training the other party to lose their temper tantrums.

Make subway less crowded

Rush hour in the subway can be a challenging obstacle course but did you know that you can make it feel less crowded? The best way to do this is to look right in front of you or the direction you are going. People will actually give way before you. You see, we often look at people to know which direction they are going so we won’t be bumping at each other. This way, the crowded subway won’t feel crowded at all.

How you act is how you feel

Have you ever felt way too sad that you don’t want to get up from your bed? Or that you have lost your drive at work because you are emotionally compromised? Well, our emotions do have their physical manifestations which you can actually see and feel by the way you act. Fortunately, you can actually shift your emotions to a more a positive light by acting happy. Smile a lot and be happy with what you do, you’ll find that your emotions are following suit as well.

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