Put an End to the Spreading of Prostate Cancer with This Herb

According to the experts, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. The good news is it can be treated successfully most especially when detected during its early stages. In fact, about 2 million men in the United States are considered as prostate cancer survivors.

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Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer on its early stage may not require immediate treatment. However, active surveillance of the disease will be recommended by a specialist to detect the cancer’s progression. Radiation therapy, hormone therapy and surgical removal of the prostate gland are some of the recommended treatments. However, there is a particular herb that is known to be very good at stopping the spread of prostate cancer.

Before we tackle this prostate cancer-fighting herb which, by the way, can be easily obtained at your local supermarket or is very likely to be already in your kitchen, let us discuss a few more important matters about this disease.

Prostate cancer is a condition that affects the prostate gland — a tiny walnut-shaped gland surrounding the neck of the urinary bladder and whose function is to secrete seminal fluid for the sperm cells’ transport and nourishment. More often than not, the disease develops very slowly and the malignant cells remain in the prostate gland, causing no harm to the adjacent tissues or organs. However, there are also instances wherein prostate cancer can be so aggressive that it develops and spreads quickly.

The problem with prostate cancer is it may not be detected early because, in its initial stages, it produces no sign or symptom. Something that is more advanced, on the other hand, may cause signs and symptoms such as: presence of blood in the semen, trouble in urinating and decreased force in the urine’s stream, erectile dysfunction, bone pain and discomfort in the pelvic area.

Experts say that you are at higher risk of developing prostate cancer the older you get. Naturally, having a family history of prostate or breast cancer is a risk factor too. It is not clear why black men are more susceptible to developing prostate cancer that progresses quite easily. Being obese also puts you at high risk of prostate cancer as well as other cancers.

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Now let us focus on the herb that is known to be highly effective at stopping the progression of prostate cancer. It’s the same home remedy for so many problems such as indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, migraine, PMS, colds, cough, flu, joint pain and even diabetes. If you guessed ginger, you’re absolutely right!

University of Michigan’s American Association for Cancer Research once conducted a study on cancer and ginger. Based on its findings, the consumption of ginger powder was able to wipe out cancer cells completely. Researchers found out that cancer cells, after being acted upon by ginger’s components, started destroying themselves.

There have been so many other studies done on ginger and its efficacy in killing off cancer cells. For instance, the British Journal of Nutrition once published that the participants of a particular investigation were able to reduce the number of their prostate cancer cells by as much as 56% with daily ginger consumption. Unlike chemotherapy drugs which destroy both healthy and malignant cells, ginger was able to zoom in on cancer cells.

Certain studies have shown that the consumption of ginger is also highly effective against ovarian cancer. Also, some proponents suggest that the intake of ginger oil is very good at dealing with cancer cells in the lungs.

For centuries now, ginger has been used by traditional healers for treating a lot of maladies, and it includes cancer. It is a good idea for someone with prostate cancer to opt for the recommended mode of treatment by his or her chosen specialist, as well as a home remedy such as the use of ginger in order to combat the condition effectively.

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