Quail Eggs Health Benefits

Beautiful, little eggs obtained from the wild from the minute and super cute quail bird.  Randomly spotted with blackish brown spots that make them look quite mystical and magical.  Often they are boiled and sold on the streets with salt and sometimes vinegar as a solid, quick snack that people barely get tired of.  Smaller than chicken eggs of course and packing a slight gamey flavor, this becomes a more favored snack than the chicken egg, and it looks great in salads too.  Beware of their cholesterol level, a lot of it is good cholesterol but it is still rich and overwhelming for those with fragile hearts or the ones who don’t exercise.  Limit yourself to 4-6 quail eggs a day with light exercise if you are a healthy individual, but you should only eat them like this 2-3x a week.

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Good addition to anti-cold soups

They contain 2g more protein than chicken eggs for every 100g, that is 13% protein- which is a lot.  They are high in Vitamins A, B6 and B12 and has 20% the amount of iron you need in a day as well.  50g worth of quail eggs are only 80 calories.  That is 140% B1 which suggests that it has over 100% B complex amount.  They are delicious in soups, and soups are the best sick food to start with as it is easy, hot and comforting.  Making a broth or soup is also the best way to extract all the flavor plus the nutrients and a floating quail egg or two in your bowl sounds like a treat.

Good for anemia and discomforts from menstruation

They contain a good amount of minerals and electrolytes which includes potassium and has a good amount of iron.  This combination eases nausea and fatigue since healthy blood cell formation is encouraged.  Foods that are rich in iron are always a good idea for women undergoing their period.  Boiled eggs washed down with warm tea is a simple combo that is highly effective for anyone ailing or in discomfort.

They are high in good cholesterol

LDL or good cholesterol is the anti-cholesterol.  Like foods have natural sugars that fight synthesized sugars and natural fats that are actually anti-fat.  They are so packed with life-giving nutrients that they also make an ideal pre-work out snack, maybe with some chopped greens and a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Or just plain salt quickly washed down with tea, coffee or fresh fruit juice because you are rushing.

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Improves eyesight, good brain and camp food

Packed with nutrition, energy and flavor this makes a convenient packed snack or quick finger bowl for those nights you gotta study hard or you are riding on the bus rushing somewhere.  It improves on alertness and of course better than over salted and preserved potato chips or sugary snacks that can make you crash and even feel a little sick.  Quail eggs have a good amount of Vitamin D which improves bone health and reassures the absorption of calcium, like a calcium key.  Vitamin D is mostly found from the sun so this makes quail eggs more precious.  They are also high in Vitamin A which improves eye health and prevents further eye health deterioration.  All this makes quail eggs an anti-inflammatory as well and can help make you feel fuller longer without felling the bloat, making you lighter on your feet.

Protein boost

We all know what high proteins food do.  They repair muscle and help maintain muscle, they strengthen your nails and give your hair a better sheen and cling to your scalp and you get less dizzy with improved endurance.  It is a great snack for those who suffer from gastritis or ulcers and since it is so packed with nutrients that it detoxes the kidneys, liver and bladder and even improves on sexual potency.  For anything metabolic, digestive and related to the immune system, quail eggs have benefit on that and are a proven health food instead of something to be feared.  Just remember to not overeat, anyways it contains a lot of good fat and good cholesterol.

Contains ovomucoid

Ovomucoid is a very unique type of protein not found in chicken eggs.  It is fortunate that this substance exists because it has anti-allergen properties, quail eggs are used in anti-allergy formulation and research.  People who are allergic to chicken eggs can have quail eggs at times.

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