Quick and Easy Hairdos

We have to admit to ourselves that we are not always as put together as we want everyone to think. We have days where we just want to sleep all day and just throw away the alarm clock. We also have days we tend to oversleep or press the snooze button way too many times. In this moment, we wake up to the horror that we just manage to shed a lot of time from our busy morning routine. Leaving us with nothing but time to put on clothes and rush out the door. As easy as it is to just walk into our classroom or work looking as if we just woke up, it is not the best option. We will tend to look unprofessional and scattered. Lucky for us, there are now quick and easy ways to apply makeup, cereal bars that you can eat on the run and quick and easy hairdos you can do almost anywhere. To help you out, we have compiled some of the easiest and quickest hairdos you can do in the morning. These hairstyles can be done shortly at home or while you’re on the go.

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The Quick Beach Waves



This is a quick and easy hairstyle you can do starting in your home and finish when you get to your destination. Start this hairdo by tying your hair in a high ponytail. Take your ponytail and create a three strand braid. Make it tight and finish it off with a tight hair elastic. You can leave it as is or wrap it around the ponytail to create a bun. Unravel everything later on or when you get a chance to be in front of a mirror. Style your hair and apply Hairspray. This style can give you that relaxed half beach waves in your hair. You can dampen your hair a little to make the waves last longer or more prominent.

The Stylish Ponytail



This is a great hairstyle that you can easily do and mix up every day. This is great for all hair types. The items that you will be using for this hairstyle will vary depending on the design. Start by brushing your hair and creating two sections starting the top of your head towards the back of your ears. Take the back section and tie it into a ponytail. The section that is loose can be styled whichever way you want. A great way is to create volume with this style. Take the loose section and create a middle or side part. You can tease the crown area or leave it as is. Take one section or part and twist it towards the head. Press the end part of the twist towards the ponytail and style before pinning in place. Do this on the other section and pin away any loose hair.

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The Twisted Bun



This is a quick and easy hairstyle that you can do on the run. It looks great in formal and casual events. You can start this hairstyle by applying mousse on the hair to limit loose hairs. Brush the hair and create two sections from the forehead towards the nape of the head. Comb the hair as if you are going to create two ponytails. Tie these two section together, creating a knot. Take the section on top and start wrapping it around the knot creating a bun. Secure it with Bobby pins or a hair tie. Take the other section and wrap it around the bun. You can also braid the other section to make it more casual. Secure everything with Hairspray.

Twisted Half Pony

Twisted Half Pony


This is a hairstyle that would look perfect on natural hair or curly hair. It is incredibly simple and would require no hair products to pull off. All you need is some strong Bobby pins or clear hair ties. Start creating a deep part in your hair and separate bangs from the rest of the hair. Clip away the bangs and take two top sections from the dominant part and start twisting. Add more to each sections as you twist. Continue until you reach the area behind the ear. Stop adding in section, but continue twisting. Pull a bit of hair on the twist to make the twist appear fuller. Repeat this on the other side and combine both twist together. Tie the two sections together and tuck it under the hair or pin the two sections.

We hope that these quick and easy hairstyles help you out and shed off a few minutes in your daily routine and give you more time to sleep or relax. Not all hairstyles are meant for different hair textures, but with a bit of creativeness it can fit any hair type. Try out these hairdos for different occasion. Add some imagination and create your own version. Have fun and get styled hair every day. 

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