Quick Tips to Looking Good

Looking good doesn’t have to take a lot of time. These are simple, quick tips you can do that can make you look good in seconds. We’ve rounded up some of the best quick tips you can use every day. Whether you want to get bouncier hair or increase your confidence in seconds. Read on below to find out more.

  • Do contrasting styles. If you have dark and smoldering eye makeup, try to go for light and crisp colors for your nails or shoes. If you have light and bright hair, pair it with some dark makeup or clothes. Contrasting colors can bring out each feature without drowning each other out. This works well with clothes and accessories too.
  • Instant Volume. Give your hair some extra volume without using too much product. Once you blow dry your hair completely. Flip it over and set your blow dryer to cool. Blast on some air to your nape up towards the highest area of your head. You can now add in hair spray on the area and flip your head back. This will create pockets in your hair that would give it volume and texture.
  • A double purpose. Get yourself that tanned goddess appearance while nourishing your skin. Mix in equal amounts of liquid bronzer and body firming cream and massage it onto your skin. This will tighten your skin and give it that glowing appearance in an instant. Though, due to the firming cream it won’t make you as tan. But it does give off an amazing natural looking glow and supple skin.
  • Instant Glow. If you’re starting to look pale and worn out, adding cream based blush on the apple of your cheeks towards the hair line can give you that flushed and fresh appearance in seconds. Powder blushes can work too. Avoid deep colored blushes when not wearing any makeup. This can appear too unnatural and can make the skin appear tired.
  • Added Sweetness. You can sweeten your day by having your favorite aroma in the tips of your fingers literally. If you spray your favorite scent on the palm of your hands and leaving it to dry. You will be leaving your scent on things that you constantly use and can give off a sweet scent when shaking hands.
  • Posture. People that walk and sit with proper posture, increase their appearance in seconds. Proper posture gives off more confidence in the way we move. It makes us appear taller, stronger and more composed. Practice walking and sitting using the proper posture and see how much better you look.
  • Styling Your Bangs. If you don’t have enough time to prep your whole hair. Styling your bangs is enough to complete your whole look. Simply ironing your bangs to your desired shape can improve your appearance.
  • A Little Glitter. A little glitter won’t hurt anybody. Glitter on skin looks amazing. It makes it appear glowing and more lively. Dusting in some shimmery body powder on the top of your breast, collar bone, shoulder and arms can give you instantly glowing skin. If you really want your powder to stick to your skin. Put on lotion before application.
  • Mist. Using mist on your makeup can instantly give it life and activate the products you put in the morning. Reducing the need to retouch. Misting also works with hair products. Dampening your hair, a bit can help activate the hair products.
  • Wearing heels. Heels can be painful to walk on, but it is one fashion must have to look confident, sexy and strong. A lot of women attest to the power of good heels can do to your posture and confidence. Try it out when you are not feeling yourself and feel your confidence go up as you hear the clacking of your heels on the pavement.
  • Bright Eyes. Instantly perk up your tired eyes by applying white eyeliner on your under eyelids and a bit of shimmery gold eyeshadow on the crease of your eyes. This will give the illusion of bright eyes.

Looking good greatly depends on how you feel. No matter how much makeup or hair products you use, but still feel bad about yourself your appearance will still look drab. This goes the other way round too. Even if you leave your house with no makeup on, but feel incredibly confident. Any look will look amazing on you. As they say you are as young as you feel. To look good, you must feel good about yourself. We hope that these quick tips can help boost your confidence and make you feel as beautiful as you are!

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