Quit Rushing: Why You Should Eat Slowly

We are living in a fast-paced world. From time to time, it is a wonderful idea to take things slowly, such as when you are at table eating. Did you know that consuming your meals without hurrying comes with an assortment of benefits? Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the best reasons why you should slow down when having a bite:

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It Helps You Lose Weight

Your brain realizes that your stomach is already packed with food only after 15 to 20 minutes. In other words, your stomach may already be full without you realizing it yet. This is something that leaves you consuming more food than necessary, and that’s why you are having a hard time getting rid of those excess pounds.

Chew your food very well and leave your spoon and fork on the table as you do so. Eating slowly allows your brain to tell you to stop eating at the right time, just when your stomach says that it is already full.

It Promotes Better Digestion

One of the reasons why you end up with an upset stomach is packing it with food at a really quick pace. What can make things worse is when you pump partially-chewed food down your throat, which can definitely give your tummy a hard time. Before you swallow your food, make sure that you have chewed it very well.

Give your pearly whites plenty of time to break down food into smaller bits that the rest of your GI tract will find easier to process. Also, eating slowly allows certain enzymes in your saliva to commence the digestion process.

It Lets You Savor Food

Since food is meant to be enjoyed, it is a great idea to take your time when eating so that you may appreciate each and every flavor imaginable. Otherwise, you may only fail to truly appreciate the delicious treat right in front of you.

These days, not everyone has enough time and energy to choose their meals. If you’re given the opportunity to drive to your favorite restaurant or prepare your own meal at home, show some appreciation by enjoying your food. Take your time to enjoy what you are having, which is something that many people can only dream about.

It Allows You to Save Money

No one can deny that food does not come cheap in this day and age. If you’re the budget-conscious type of person, you can benefit a lot from eating slowly. It’s not just your health that will thank you for taking things slow while you are sitting at the dining table, but also your pocket.

Refraining from rushing when eating lets you fully delight in each and every flavor that fills your mouth. This helps you feel really satisfied, thus keeping you from ordering another pricey serving.

It Helps You Combat Stress

Are you leading a stressful life? Make sure that you grab every opportunity to hit the brakes and make the most out of it. One example is when it’s time for you to spend a few minutes at the table to eat.

Eating slowly helps you de-stress because it requires you to be mindful of what you are having, taking your mind away from the rigors of living in a fast-paced world. And because you are chewing your food very well, your body can get all the nutrients it needs to safeguard you from the unfavorable effects of a stressful life.

It Permits You to Connect with Others

Speaking of a stressful life, having a hectic day-to-day schedule can keep you from spending enough time connecting with your family and friends. Since we take our meals at the same times every day, why not use mealtimes to nourish your body and at the same time communicate with others?

Eat slowly by having a meal with a relative, friend, co-worker — anyone you can connect with. It’s not just your body that will benefit from it, but also your social life and relationships.

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