Really Weird Home Remedies for Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, then you have an idea on how stiff, painful, swollen and warm to the touch the affected joints can be upon waking up in the morning or after engaging in physical activities.

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And if you are aware of the side effects and health risks associated with the intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, then probably you have scoured the internet time and again for some effective home remedies for arthritis to help save yourself from the constant need to take NSAIDs for the attainment of relief.

Did you know that there are some really strange home remedies available for arthritis?

Below you will come across some of the weirdest home remedies for arthritis available in cyberspace. It’s completely up to you to find out whether or not they work. However, still it is a good idea for you to inform your primary health care provider about your plan on trying an all-natural remedy for arthritis, including these bizarre ones:

Take Potato Juice

Many beauty-conscious women who are into home remedies know very well that rubbing a slice of potato on their skin allows for the elimination of large pores, excess oils and dark circles under the eyes.

Did you know that some people say that potato is also an effective home remedy for arthritis? If you want to give it a try, all you have to do is peel a potato and wash it thoroughly under running water. Slice very thinly. Dunk potato slices in a pitcher of water and stash in it the fridge. The following day, consume 1 glass at a time throughout the day.

Some say that this home remedy for arthritis is best consumed on an empty stomach.

Have Gin-Soaked Raisins

If you don’t mind having gin and raisins, then this odd all-natural solution for arthritis may be the perfect one for you. That’s because it entails snacking on raisins that have been soaked in gin for about a week.

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You can get started with your arthritis-free living via a peculiar solution by placing a medium-sized box of raisins in a clean jar. Afterwards, pour gin into it until the raisins are all covered. Make sure, by the way, that the gin is made from juniper berries and nothing else. Cover the jar and place it in a cool and dry place in your kitchen for a week.

After a week, start consuming 10 pieces of those gin-soaked raisins per day. About a week before you run out of supply, simply whip up another jar of it.

Drink Using a Copper Cup

There’s no denying that a copper cup looks striking. But are you aware that using it is also regarded as one of the most unique home remedies for arthritis?

Each time you wish to have ice-cold water, ginger tea, green tea or coffee, it is said that you should use a cup out of copper if you want to attain relief from arthritis. Some people who are suffering from arthritis say that wearing a copper bracelet or ring helps considerably minimize pesky joint symptoms.

Proponents say that it works because copper, which is good for the joints, can get ingested or penetrate the skin.

Get Stung by Bees

According to beekeepers, it’s very rare for them to suffer from arthritis. From that statement alone, a lot of people started linking that to the fact that beekeepers are always stung by bees.

That’s when the idea of getting stung by bees is an effective home remedy for arthritis started. Actually, scientists say that this might actually work as bee stings have the ability to put inflammation under control. And once inflammation is reduced, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis ultimately go away or get reduced.

However, it’s not clear how often an arthritis sufferer has to be stung by bees in order to attain relief. Definitely, this strange remedy for arthritis is not intended for those with bee sting allergies!

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