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Reasons for You to Eat Concord Grapes on a Regular Basis

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Concord grapes are deep purple in color because of the abundance of polyphenols, which are plant pigments possessing powerful antioxidant properties. Polyphenols are also able to control inflammation and fight cancer.

Since much of those polyphenols can be found in the skin, it is definitely a terrible idea for you to peel concord grapes each time you consume them. No matter if you intend to pop them one piece at a time in your mouth, dunk some of them in your blender or use them as topping for your yogurt or oatmeal, concord grapes offers so many health perks,

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get from concord grapes:

Regulated Bowel Movement

Concord grapes are rich in both water and fiber, the combination of which makes for an excellent fighter of constipation. That is why the inclusion of these grapes in the diet on a regular basis is beneficial for people who often suffer from irregular bowel movement. By the way, a diet that’s high in fiber may also lower a person’s risk of colon cancer.

Lowered Cancer Risk

However, it’s not just colon cancer that concord grapes may help prevent, but numerous other types of the big C. One of the reasons why concord grapes is very good at combating all sorts of cancer is it contains impressive amounts of resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that is scientifically-proven to zap cancer cells.

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Accelerated Weight Reduction

Speaking of resveratrol, there are a number of weight loss supplements out there that contains it. That’s because it is known to help increase energy levels, speed up the metabolic rate, and accelerate the burning of fat cells. But why pop a resveratrol-containing weight loss pill in your mouth when you can simply eat a handful of concord grapes daily?

Increased Satiety

Here’s one more reason why concord grapes can help you lose weight: they are very heavy on the stomach. Just like what’s mentioned before, concord grapes are rich in water and fiber. Plus the saccharine taste of concord grapes pleases your sweet tooth, so you won’t feel deprived and crave for unhealthy treats.

Controlled Blood Pressure

The regular consumption of concord grapes is especially beneficial for people with high blood pressure. According to experts, concord grapes contain potassium that helps lower the blood pressure. The said mineral works by promoting relaxation of the blood vessels, and this helps maintain a healthy and normal blood pressure.

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Boosted Immune System

Concord grapes are rich in vitamin C, and that’s why consuming them on a regular basis can help lower your risk of being down with the common cold and flu. Most especially when the season of various upper respiratory tract infections is around the bend, make sure that you serve concord grapes in front of you more often for stronger immunity.

Improves Skin Appearance

Are you a beauty-conscious person? Then you may consider eating concord grapes as a beauty routine. Thanks to its loads of vitamin C with antioxidant properties, the aging of your skin can be slowed down considerably. Vitamin C is also crucial for the formation and maintenance of collagen that keeps skin wrinkle-free.

Protected Brain Cells

Consuming concord grapes on a regular basis is good for the brain. Scientists say that various compounds in these grapes are capable of shielding the brain cells from being damaged. Actually, concord grapes may help considerably lower a person’s risk of one day ending up with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Enhanced Memory Capacity

Last but not least, the inclusion of concord grapes in the diet regularly is perfect for people who tend to forget a lot of important details, experts say. Based on a study conducted back in 2010, participants who regularly consumed the juice of concord grapes juice showed increased memory capacity than participants who received a placebo drink.

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