Reasons to Eat Field Beans

Field beans are some of the most fiber- and protein-rich foods ever to grace the planet. They make for amazing additions to the diet of anyone who is looking to prevent constipation, build more muscles, get rid of excess pounds, strengthen the immune system and ward off heart disease!

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In India, field beans are staple ingredients in so many dishes. In other parts of the planet, they are commonly added to soups and stir-fry vegetables. Field beans may also be fried to have them cracked open, making for some excellent snacks especially with a little salt. Then they may also be fermented to boost their nutritional profile.

Another way to make the nutrients field beans pack more bioavailable is by sprouting them. Doing so helps make them easier to digest, thus enabling the body access to their full roster of vitamins and minerals. Nutrition experts say that this also boosts the fiber content of field beans, courtesy of those tiny shoots.

If sprouting is not your thing, soaking field beans in water for a couple of hours before cooking is a wonderful idea. This also allows for the nutrients in them to become more available to your body. Also, it helps in lowering your risk of ending up with excess gas in your tummy — like other beans, field beans are known as gas-formers!

Here are some of the incredible health benefits offered by field beans:

They Help Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the many nutrients present in field beans is potassium. If you suffer from hypertension, the inclusion of field beans in your diet can help ward off high blood pressure because of their potassium content — potassium relaxes the blood vessels and also flushes out excess water in the bloodstream, resulting in the lowering of the blood pressure.

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They Also Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Because of the fiber content of field beans, they are excellent controllers of bad cholesterol in the blood. Fiber works by absorbing cholesterol molecules and taking them out of the body. Doctors say that keeping the levels of bad cholesterol in the body low is a great way to lower one’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

They Prevent Constipation From Striking

Other than lowering bad cholesterol, fiber present in field beans also helps regulate the evacuation of the bowels. In other words, the regular consumption of field beans can help in the prevention of constipation. It’s also said that a diet that’s high in fiber can help keep at bay hemorrhoids and cancer of the colon.

They Regulate Levels of Sugar in the Blood

Diabetics and those who are at high risk of developing it should try to have field beans on a regular basis. That’s because the fiber they contain actually helps slow down the release of sugar in the bloodstream. As a result, the many different complications of having high levels of sugar in the blood can be kept at bay.

They Keep You Energized

Including field beans in your diet on a regular basis can help in keeping your energy levels up in a couple of ways. First, they are loaded with B vitamins that are important for converting complex carbohydrates into energy. Second, field beans are actually phenomenal sources of those complex carbohydrates that energize the body.

They Strengthen the Immune System

Field beans are also good sources of vitamin C, and everybody knows that the said nutrient is essential for making the immune system strong. As a result, your risk of suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection like the flu or cold can be reduced considerably. Vitamin C in field beans, by the way, is also good for your skin, hair and nails.

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