Reasons to Eat Mammee Apples

Mammee apples come from mammee trees, which are native to tropical regions of the planet. Also sometimes referred to as tropical apricots, St. Domingo apricots and South America apricots, mammee apples are actually berries — so you know that they are capable of providing some very serious health benefits!

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It takes about a year for mammee apples to be ready for harvesting. However, the long wait is worth it because these tropical fruits taste so wonderful when they are fully ripe. Those who have already tried eating mammee apples say that they are kind of similar to red raspberries and apricots, both taste- and smell-wise.

Usually, mammee apples are consumed as they are, although they can also be enjoyed in the form jams and jellies. In regions where they are native to, mammee apples are commonly added to pies and tarts. Mammee apples are also sometimes turned into beverages, like in El Salvador where they are made into carbonated soda.

Here are some of the reasons why you should try eating mammee apples:

They Ward Off Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients present in mammee apples. It’s exactly for this reason why regularly eating these tropical fruits can help strengthen your immune system, which results in the lowered risk of upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold, cough and flu.

They Slow Down the Aging of Skin

Other than making your immune system strong, vitamin C also helps keep your skin looking young. The reason is this: your body requires vitamin C in order to produce collagen. A type of protein, collagen is the one that keeps your skin firm, making it more resistant to developing wrinkles that make you appear older.

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They Help Keep Your Vision Stay Sharp

Another vitamin present in mammee apples is vitamin A, and it’s no secret that it helps in promoting healthy eyes. A type of antioxidant, vitamin A is very good at protecting your eyes from being damaged by free radicals. Eating mammee apples and other vitamin A-rich foods regularly helps in keeping your vision sharp.

They Make You Feel Energized

Mammee apples also supply your body with thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine and pantothenic acid — all of which are B vitamins that help convert food into energy. This only means that mammee apples are perfect for individuals who are leading very busy lives, as well as those who are bouncing back from illnesses.

They Help Lower Osteoporosis Risk

Calcium is also present in mammee apples, which means that regularly eating these fruits that taste like red raspberries or apricots can help in strengthening your bones, thus lowering your risk of having osteoporosis. Mammee apples also contain phosphorous, magnesium and potassium, all of which contribute to stronger bones.

They May Prevent Heart Disease

Speaking of potassium, the presence of this mineral is what makes mammee apples capable of lowering a person’s risk of having heart disease. It’s for the medical fact that potassium helps in keeping the blood pressure within the normal and healthy range, and this helps keep the cardiovascular system in a great shape.

They Keep Iron-Deficiency Anemia at Bay

Consuming mammee apples are ideal for those who are prone to developing anemia, such as vegetarians and women who bleed heavily during their period. It’s because these tropical fruits are rich in iron, a mineral needed for the production of red blood cells help deliver oxygen by means of the bloodstream.

They Encourage Regular Movement of the Bowels

Just like so many other fruits, mammee apples are very rich in fiber. This makes them very good for people who often find themselves having a bout of constipation. Adding mammee apples in the diet on a regular basis also helps promote weight loss, lowering of bad cholesterol and body detoxification, all courtesy of fiber.

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