Reasons to Eat Matki Beans

Matki is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia and is particularly very popular in India, especially among bodybuilders as it is an excellent source of protein that’s very easy on the pocket. In this article, you will learn some of the reasons why including matki in your diet on a regular basis is a magnificent idea.

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Just like other beans out there, matki is usually boiled for it to be consumed. It’s very common for it to be parboiled, which means that it is boiled in water and drained just before it gets fully cooked. Usually, this is done is matki if going to be used as an added ingredient because it can take a while for it to become fully cooked.

However, many individuals also love to sprout matki. Sprouting offers so many benefits like more bioavailable nutrients and less incidence of excess gas formation. Once sprouted, matki can be consumed either raw or sautéed or stir-fried — matki goes perfectly well with so many other vegetables.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most incredible reasons why matki is good for you:

It is Packed With Protein

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, matki is loved by Indian bodybuilders because its consumption is a cheap way to have their bodies supplied with muscle-building protein. If you are a vegan or told by your doctor to lower your intake of animal products, then you can obtain your daily protein requirements from a delicious serving of matki.

It Beautifies Your Skin

Protein found abundantly in matki is made up of amino acids that are necessitated for keeping your skin beautiful. Those amino acids are also important for the proper healing of your skin. And by the way, you also need to include protein in your diet if you want to keep your nails and hair strong and looking great.

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It Regulates Bowel Movement

Does it seem like you are always having a bout of constipation? Maybe your diet is simply lacking in fiber. A simple way to increase your intake of fiber is by adding matki into your diet of a regular basis. Paired with plenty of fluids and exercise, you can be sure that constipation will be the least of your everyday problems.

It Controls Sugar Spikes

According to doctors, consuming fiber-rich matki can help in preventing the levels of sugar in the bloodstream from going through the roof. That’s because the fiber it contains assists in regulating the amount of sugar released into the blood. This is the reason why the consumption of matki and others with fiber in them is great for diabetics.

It Lowers the Blood Pressure

There are a couple of reasons why matki is capable of keeping high blood pressure in check. First, its fiber content helps sweep cholesterol out of the body, which is something that can clog the arteries and cause the blood pressure to increase. Second, potassium in matki causes the blood vessels to relax, thus lowering the blood pressure.

It Also Helps Prevent Anemia

Pregnant women and those who bleed heavily during their period are most especially at risk of having anemia. A simple way to keep such problem concerning the blood from happening is by including more iron-containing foods in the diet on a regular basis, and matki is an excellent source of the said mineral.

It Boosts Your Immunity

Another mineral present in matki is zinc which is something that helps in strengthening the immune system, doctors say. It is also said that zinc helps in shielding the body from the harmful effects of stress. So if your life is a very stressful one, including matki in your diet as often as possible can help keep your health out of harm’s way.

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