Reasons for You to Eat Rose Apples

Despite of what they’re called, rose apples are not related to roses or apples. Rather, they are related to guavas. These pink-colored and bell-shaped fruits come from rose apple trees that thrive in regions where the climate is hot. Aside from providing lots of shade during summer months, low-growing rose apple trees bear lots of eye-catching fruits!

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Other than eating them as they are, rose apples can also be turned into candies, jams and preserves — just like what’s being done by those who live in areas on the planet where these eye-catching fruits are native to. By the way, rose apples are known in various places as bell fruit, water rose, water apple, manzana de agua, pomme d’eau or mizu.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your hands on some rose apples:


They Help Detoxify the Body

Because of its mild diuretic properties, rose apples can help remove poisonous substances and waste products in the body. By promoting an increase in urine production, the kidneys are encouraged to filter out toxins in the blood at a much faster rate. Also, rose apples are rich in fiber so they are able to sweep out impurities in the GI tract.


They Promote Regular Bowel Movement

Speaking of fiber, consuming rose apples on a regular basis may help prevent constipation. Fiber is an indigestible type of carbohydrates that add bulk to stools, making their elimination more efficient. Experts say that including high-fiber foods in the diet like rose apples may also help prevent piles and colon cancer.


They Keep the Heart in a Great Shape

Your digestive system is not the only one that can benefit a lot from the impressive fiber content of rose apples, but also your circulatory system. Fiber in rose apples helps flush out some of the bad cholesterol in the foods you eat, thus preventing them from ending up in the arteries, which can increase your risk of having heart disease.


They Also Supply Your Body with Potassium

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Potassium is a mineral that helps prevent high blood pressure as it helps relax the walls of the blood vessels, enabling blood to pass more efficiently through them. Also, potassium is vital for the normal functioning of your muscles. Well, you can get good amounts of potassium from rose apples, so go ahead and snack on them!


They Help Control Diabetes

According to studies, rose apples contain jambosine — a crystal-like alkaloid that is known to regulate the conversion of starch into sugar. The presence of jambosine is what makes rose apples good for diabetics. Consuming rose apples especially after meals can help ward off spikes of sugar levels in the blood.


They Help Inhibit Infections and Diseases

One of the many nutrients found in rose apples is vitamin C. As everybody knows, vitamin C is very good at strengthening the immune system. Incidentally, rose apples are in season during summer months of the year — perfect timing as lots of health concerns surface when the weather is scorching hot!


They Promote Young-Looking Skin

A lot of anti-aging products on the market these days are packed with megadoses of vitamin C. Why? That’s because the said nutrient is essential for the synthesis of collagen — that structural protein which keeps the skin wrinkle-free. This means that eating vitamin C-rich rose apples is a cheap and effective way for you to look young.


They May Help Stave Off Cancer

Vitamin C is actually a very powerful antioxidant, which are molecules that neutralize excess free radicals before they cause a lot of nasty things — one of them being cancer. This is the reason why including vitamin C-packed foods such rose apples in your everyday diet may help considerably lower your risk of having cancer.

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