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Reasons to Avoid Consuming GMOs

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GMOs stand for genetically modified organisms. The name alone is enough for a smart consumer like you to raise an eyebrow and wonder about the health implications of consuming these products.

Simply put, GMOs come into being by having the genes of a species of plant transferred to another. In other words, GMOs are not part of the creation of nature but rather brought about by modern-day technology. You really don’t have to pay scientific laboratories a visit to come across these products. All you have to do is step food inside the local supermarket and you are sure to come across them.

How can you tell if a food product you are about to place in your shopping cart is GMO or not? Well, you can’t. That’s because food manufacturers are not really required to disclose whether or not their commodities are GMOs or containing GMO ingredients. You may always get in touch with these manufacturers, but it doesn’t mean right away that you will obtain the answers you wish to hear.

There are a handful of reasons why the consumption of GMOs is not a good thing. Especially if you care deeply about your health as well as the environment, it’s a good idea to steer clear of these products. Continue reading to know why you should join so many other consumers who have vowed to keep their hands off GMOs.

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GMOs are Laden with Poisonous Chemicals

All genetically modified organisms rely on pesticides and herbicides in order to secure their survival until they are harvested. Most of the chemicals used to ward off insects and weeds are poisonous. Putting any food product with GMO ingredients in your mouth will surely impact your health negatively one way or the other. Despite of the claims of some manufacturers that the use of pesticides and herbicides will decrease after sometime, studies have shown the complete opposite.

You May End Up with All Sorts of Digestive Problems

Chemicals used in farming GMOs may poison friendly bacteria in your gut, causing an imbalance in the intestinal flora. You don’t want to kill off those good microbes in your belly because they help promote healthy digestion as well as a strong immune system. The consumption of GMOs may give rise to digestive problems as well as food allergies.

GMOs and Pesticides Used are Linked to Cancer

Cancer is one of the scariest and deadliest diseases on the planet, and you are taking a step closer and closer to having it each time you put GMOs in your mouth. So many experts have connected GMOs as well as the toxic pesticides used in farming them to certain types of cancer. Aside from cancer, studies suggest that GMOs and pesticides may also increase your risk of heart disease and certain reproductive problems.

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The Production of GMOs Impact the Environment Negatively

If you care about the environment and dream of providing future generations with a planet they may thrive in, you might want to quit patronizing GMOs and their manufacturers. Pesticides, herbicides and other man-made chemicals necessary for the farming of GMOs can pollute the air and water. They may also destroy the nutritive content of soil, thus reducing the quality of plants. Cross-pollination may cause the destruction natural plant varieties.

GMO Production Puts Animals in Danger Too

Again, this has something to do with all those toxic chemicals used in the production of GMOs. It’s not unlikely for animals to suffer from health problems and even genetic defects upon the consumption of plants and water that have been contaminated by synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other farming chemicals.

Chemicals Used in Growing GMOs Give Rise to Super Bugs and Weeds

Manufacturers of GMOs say that pesticides and herbicides are used to keep insects and weeds at bay. However, studies have shown that the use of these chemicals only cause insects and weeds to become resistant to them. In turn, this causes the use of more amounts of stronger pesticides and herbicides. Bugs and weeds will keep on getting more and more resistant, and farmers will continue fighting them with stronger chemicals.

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GMO Production May Cause Lots of Unfavorable Side Effects

Tampering with nature by combining the genes of completely unrelated species is dangerous as it is likely to yield an assortment of terrible side effects. It’s not unlikely for new types of allergens, toxins and carcinogens to surface and wreak havoc to everyone’s lives. Various nutritional deficiencies may also come into being.

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