Reasons to Drink Sheep Milk

While it’s true that sheep milk is not very popular in the US, the fact is it’s very well-known in many other parts of the world. Thanks to the very rich taste of sheep milk, it is commonly used for cooking and making beverages. It’s also the star ingredient of certain cheeses such as feta and Roquefort.

Just like cow’s milk, sheep milk is packed with essential amino acids which are building blocks of protein that needs to be consumed via the diet because the body cannot produce them. But here’s something that makes sheep milk more impressive than cow’s milk: experts say that the former contains up to 2 percent more protein than the latter!

But there are a few downsides to sheep milk, too. For instance, it is very high in lactose so it’s not suitable for people who are intolerant to the said milk sugar. Also, sheep milk can carry a price tag that’s steeper than cow’s milk. This is to be expected because the production of sheep milk is limited and involves certain challenges.

So if you tolerate lactose very well and your shopping budget is not that limited, reach for that bottle of sheep milk at the supermarket. Here are some of the health benefits to enjoy for doing so:


It Lowers Your Risk of Infections

Thanks to the remarkable combination of nutrients in sheep’s milk, consuming it on a regular basis can strengthen your immune system. In this fast-paced world, you don’t want to have a weak immune system as it can make you more susceptible to ending up with an illness, keeping you from being productive.


It Builds and Maintains Muscles

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, sheep milk has more amino acids that cow’s milk. Especially if you are into building lean muscles, this healthy beverage should definitely be a part of your diet. Amino acids also play other important roles, such as the synthesis of neurotransmitters and maintenance of cell membranes.


It May Keep Cancer at Bay

According to experts, sheep milk packs at least 50 times more nucleotides and nucelosides than cow’s milk, making it an excellent fighter of cancer. Both nucleotides and nucelosides are organic molecules known to protect the body’s cells from being oxidized, which paves the way for cellular mutation and cancer formation.


It Prevents Defects in Babies

Pregnant women can benefit tremendously from the consumption of sheep milk. That’s because it is loaded with folic acid, a nutrient that’s known to prevent neural tube defects which are birth abnormalities affecting the baby’s brain and spinal cord. If you’re in the family way, drink sheep milk to ensure that your baby is healthy.


It Maintains Strong and Healthy Bones

Just like most other types of milk on the planet, sheep milk is a rich source of calcium. The said mineral is important for keeping the bones strong and healthy, thus lowering your risk of ending up with osteoporosis. You surely don’t want to have this disease because it can make your bones prone to breaking.


It May Promote Healthy Weight Reduction

Experts say that sheep milk contains more linoleic acid than cow’s milk. Linoleic acid is actually a healthy form of fat, and it is something that encourages fat loss, according to the journal Nutrition and Metabolism (January 2010 issue). It’s also said that linoleic acid may help lower blood lipid levels and diabetes risk.

When shopping for sheep milk, it’s a wonderful idea for you to opt for the organic kind, which is regarded nutritionally superior than something that’s non-organic. And after you had your first ever serving of sheep milk, kindly do come back to this site and share below how you found its taste.


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