Reasons to Eat Potato Peels (Or Not Throw Them Away)

Whether you like them mashed or fried, it’s a wonderful idea to skip peeling your potatoes. Perhaps you have read somewhere that so many fruits and vegetables store a lot of their nutrient content in their peels, and nothing can be truer when it comes to spuds. Eating potatoes with their peels intact, needless to say, is good for you!

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Here are some of the benefits of steering clear of the peeler when cooking potatoes:

Potato Peels Help Normalize Blood Pressure

Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Or do you want to make sure that yours is always within the normal range? Then cook your potatoes without peeling them. That’s because potato peels contain good amounts of potassium, a mineral that helps the walls of the blood vessels relax, thus warding off high blood pressure.

They are Also Good for the Metabolism and Muscles

Potassium is not only good for keeping high blood pressure in check, but also promotes normal metabolic rate. The said nutrient is important for the proper contraction of your skeletal muscles too. Experts say that potassium is also a role player when it comes to the functioning of your nerve cells.

Eating Them Helps Prevent Anemia

Insufficient amounts of red blood cells in the blood is called anemia, and there’s a type of this condition that stems from being deficient in iron. In order to prevent iron-deficiency anemia from striking, make sure that your everyday diet consists of iron-rich foods. Consuming potatoes with their peels intact is a simple way to boost your daily intake of iron.

Potato Peels Let You Remain Energized

There are many nutrients found in potato peels, and one of them is niacin. Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is important for the conversion of carbohydrates into energy that your cells may use in order to carry out their various functions. Niacin is also vital for the formation of new cells and the protection of your cells from stress.

They’re Loaded with Dietary Fiber

Potato peels contain impressive amounts of dietary fiber which helps lower bad cholesterol. It’s no secret that fiber is important for the promotion of regular bowel movement and prevention of constipation. Experts say that eating fiber-rich foods such as unpeeled potatoes may help lower your risk of colon cancer.

All of these are some of the wonderful health benefits of cooking and eating potatoes with their peels on. You can be sure that you are serving healthier dishes by skipping the use of peelers on spuds.

Other than consuming potato peels, you may also use them in numerous smart ways for the improvement of your appearance. They can come in handy most especially if you have no choice but to peel potatoes to come up with a culinary masterpiece requiring peeled spuds. Read on!

Potato Peels are Good for Lightening Dark Scars

Using a small piece of cheesecloth, extract the juice of potato peels. Daub the juice on your dark scars several times daily in order to lighten their appearance. The said juice may also be applied anywhere else on your body such as your knees, elbows and behind to enjoy a more even skin tone.

They Can Zap Eye Puffiness

Don’t assume that cucumber is the only vegetable that can make your eyes look dazzling. Placing potato peels on your eyes is actually an excellent way to get rid of eye puffiness. This simple beauty fix is also an effective way to minimize those unsightly dark circles under your peepers.

Massaging Them on Your Scalp Helps Promote Hair Growth

Do you want to enjoy longer tresses or are you not happy with your hairline? Simply massage and leave potato peels on your scalp for several minutes before hitting the shower. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in those peels are said to promote the growth of hair. The massaging action also helps divert blood flow to your hair follicles.

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