Reasons to Eat Strawberries and Sample Recipe

Strawberry, also called by other people as garden strawberry, is part of he hybrid species of the genus Fragaria. It is believed that it originated from France in the 9170s through a hybrid specie of Chile’s Fragaria chiloenisis and North America’s Fragaria virginiana. As a food, strawberries have several health benefits.

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General Nutrients

Just like other fruits, strawberries are rich in vitamins and minerals. According to BBC Good Food, the fruit contains high amounts of vitamins C and K, in addition to potassium, manganese, and folic acid. Vitamin C helps boost the body’s immune system while vitamin K prevents bleeding. Potassium, manganese, and folic acid boost neuromuscular function, allowing a person to do his activities of daily living. In addition, strawberries have fiber, which acts as a sweep to help the body get rid of unwanted and harmful substances, such as free radicals. It is known that free radicals contribute to the development of cancer, so eating strawberries helps prevent the disease.

In a statement, as cited by Best Health Magazine, Toronoto-based registered dietitian Madeleine Edwards said that strawberries were an excellent source of vitamin C, adding that one serving of strawberries contained 51.5 milligrams of the vitamin, which is nearly half of a person’s daily requirement. As per the dietitian, doubling a serving to one cup would give a person 100 percent.


Strawberries help in blood sugar control. According to World’s Healthiest Foods, sugar intake more than body requirements leads to unnecessary glucose surge. However, strawberry consumption demonstrated reduction in the blood sugar spike. As per the publication, about a cup of fresh strawberries, which is estimated to be 150 grams, is powerful enough to decrease blood sugar levels. In addition, researchers learned that polyphenol in strawberries contribute to the regulation of blood sugar activity. Hence, it is assumed that the fruit can be taken by people who are suffering from diabetes.

Cardiovascular Health

Strawberries promote the health of the heart and the blood vessels. According to Medical News Today, a study conducted in Harvard revealed that strawberries were able to decrease the risk of having heart disease in young to middle-aged women by 32 percent. As per lead study author and Norwich Medical School nutritionist Aedin Cassidy, women who ate at least three servings of strawberries or blueberries weekly had the best results.

It is further revealed that strawberries have the flavonoid and anti-inflammatory querecetin, which demonstrated its ability to decrease the risk of having atherosclerosis, or the accumulation of fat deposits in the blood vessels. Also, it safeguards the vessels from the adverse activities of low-density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol, which is responsible for the development of heart disease. In addition, strawberries also contain polyphenol, which prevents platelet build-up and decreases blood pressure. Moreover, strawberries are known to reduce the levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which is also linked to the dame of the interior of the blood vessels.

Sample Recipe

Strawberries can be turned into many kinds of recipes, such as Stuffed Strawberries. According to All Recipes, the ingredients include a pint of fresh strawberries, one eight-ounce package of cream cheese (softened), two tablespoons liqueur (Orange flavored), and half cup sugar.

To prepare the tops off of the strawberries are cut and the fruits are stood upright on the cut side. Next, a cut three-fourth of the strawberry is made from the tip going to the bottom. After that, the cream cheese, liqueur, and sugar are beaten together in a mixer or food processor and the resulting mixture is placed into a piping bag with a star tip. Finally, the mixture is piped into each strawberry and then arranged on a serving platter.

Overall, strawberries are not only viewed as delicious, but also nutritious due to its multiple health benefits. As a fruit, it can be easily incorporated to most food choices. Aside from being a solid treat to the family, it can also promote their total health and wellness.

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