Reasons to Get Caught Up in the Hoopla of Hula Hooping

Hula hoping is a fun pastime for kids. For adults, however, hula hopping can be one of the simplest yet beneficial forms of exercise on the planet! Read on to know the top reasons why it is a good idea for you to grab a hula hoop and start twirling more often.

It’s a Good Stress-Buster

Your other pastimes no longer seem to be giving you superb stress relief at the end of a really busy day? Grab a hula hoop! Focusing on gyrating and keeping the hoop from falling helps keep your mind off stressful stuff. Perform your hula hoping while listening to your favorite music and you got a fun stress-busting activity.

A Hula Hoop is a Cheap Workout Tool

Tons of exercise machines these days don’t come cheap. Many of them also won’t fit in your bedroom. A hula hoop is one of the cheapest and space-saving workout tools you can get your hands on. It’s also readily available at a sporting goods store and the toy section of a department store. To get your regular exercise dose, simply grab your hula hoop.

It Allows You to Burn Calories

The American Council of Exercise says that hula hoping for an hour allows you to burn as much as 400 calories an hour. You can burn even more if you incorporate your arms and legs into the fun exercise form. If you don’t have free time to hit the gym or park, take out your hula hoop from storage and start burning lots of calories.

Hula Hooping Targets the Core Muscles

Especially if you are having a hard time ditching those love handles, a hula hoop can be your best daily exercise tool. That’s because keeping the hoop from falling requires you to engage a lot of your core muscles. Certainly, hula hoping is a very easy, fun and effective way to zap belly fat and attain a flatter midsection.

It Works Out Many Other Muscles Too

Don’t assume that the use of hula hoop only works out your core muscles. If you carefully observe your body while you’re gyrating, you are also engaging your leg and arm muscles at the same time. Want to ensure that your entire body gets some exercise? Master an assortment of hula hoop tricks and enjoy a full body workout.

A Hula Hoop Helps Improve Balance and Coordination

While twirling and keeping a hula hoop from falling to the ground, you are actually improving your balance and coordination. In real life, having superb balance and coordination can mean doing all sorts of tasks more efficiently — anything from carrying heavy grocery bags, using an escalator to playing badminton.

Using a Hula Hoop is Good for the Spine

While hula hooping, you have to stand up straight. This allows you to maintain good posture while helping to make your spine healthier. The rocking movement of your trunk helps increase the blood flow to the muscles supporting your spine, thus supplying them with more nutrients and oxygen for repair, maintenance and strength.

It Strengthens the Heart

Aerobic exercises are good for the heart and overall cardiovascular health. Hula hooping is perhaps one of the most exciting forms of aerobic exercising there is. While having fun, you are actually making your heart stronger. Hula hooping also helps lower bad cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure.

Hula Hooping Helps Lift Your Mood

Feeling down in the dumps and you cannot seem to find an activity good enough to make your day bright? Grab a hula hoop and start twirling. Instantly, it will remind you of your fun childhood days and bring a smile to your face. Do it while listening to your favorite tracks or surrounded by the beauty of nature.

It Allows You to Learn an Art Form

You can tell that hula hooping is an art form because you have to keep the hoop from falling to the ground in a really graceful and skillful manner. Especially if you never tried learning or using a hula hoop when you were a child, now is the perfect time to start hula hooping. After mastering the basics, try learning a few tricks.

Hula Hoop Use is a Great Activity for the Whole Family

Teaching your little one how to hula hoop can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s also a superb way of combating childhood obesity. Because it’s a low-impact aerobic exercise, doing it with grandma and grandpa gives them a really fun opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

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